Oreilly Learning ASP NET 2.0 with AJAX Sep 2007 | pdf

This book will teach you how to build professional quality, interactive, robust datadriven web applications using Visual Basic 2005. In addition, your applications will be highly interactive and data driven—must-have features in today’s feature-rich web world.

ASP.NET is not difficult. All of the concepts are straightforward, and the Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer environments simplify the process of building powerful web applications. The difficulty in ASP.NET is only that it is so complete and flexible that there are many pieces that must be woven together to build a robust, scalable, and efficient application. This book cuts to the heart of the matter, showing in clear, easy-to-follow


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pass : hs-sv.com

steps, how to understand and build a web site. Because there are three authors’ names on this book, you might be concerned that the tone will be uneven. Every possible measure has been taken to avoid this. Although each chapter was originally written by one author, they were edited by all three. Every chapter was then extensively edited and rewritten by me, Jesse Liberty, to give the book a single voice. If that weren’t enough, the chapters were subsequently edited by O’Reilly editors as well as independent tech editors, and once more by the authors. The bottom line is that while three individuals wrote this book, you should find it reads as if written by just one. This system has worked well with my previous books. If not, please be sure to let me know by dropping a note in my support forum.


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