Easy-to-use screen recorder that also features sound capturing

BB FlashBack Express is an application that helps you create tutorials, demonstrations or training material by its screen recording feature.
With the aclaimed usability and best of breed technology of is big brother, BB FlashBack, the Express edition represents fantastic value.



Movies can be exported to Flash or AVI for use on CD-ROM, distribution over a network or internet. Typically, users can be creating great movies with BB FlashBack Express in minutes.
To enable easy publishing of Flash movies in web pages, BB FlashBack Express adds customisable playback controls to movies and ermbeds them in HTML files via editable templates.
The custom compression engine produces compact movie files without sacrificing quality, making them easier to deliver by E-mail or internet download. BB FlashBack Express movies have a wide range of applications including: staff training, producing tutorials on PC tasks and demonstrating software products to potential customers.

Here are some key features of “BB FlashBack Express”:
· Recording
· Record and replay movies of your screen
· High-performance FlashBack recording technology
· Record sound through microphone
· Capture all sounds played by PC
· Auto-setting of Windows graphic effects for best file size and performance
· A variety of recording modes, to get best performance from old and new PCs
· Automatically change screen resolution during recording
· Hide desktop icons while recording
· Keystroke logging
· Hotkey control
· Record continuously and save only last few minutes
· Playback
· Thumbnail previews for easy navigation
· Playback at 1/2, 1/4, 2x or 4x speed
· Search through movie for text
· Media Player style controls and navigation
· Zoom function
· Send movie by email
· Keystroke display
· Exporting
· Export to Adobe Flash
· Export to AVI
· Export to Standalone EXE
· Export to WMV
· Export to MS PowerPoint
· Full control over export file size and quality
· Selectable codec for AVI export
· Media Player style controls embedded in Flash exports
· Range of playback control designs for Flash movies
· Create/edit HTML templates for web-ready movies
· MS PowerPoint plugin and support
· Set custom frame rates
· Export sound to MP3

· DirectX 7.0 or newer required for movie playback
· QuickTime required for export to QuickTime format
· Windows Media Player 9 or newer required for export to WMV format
· Microsoft Office 2000 or newer, including Powerpoint required for export to Powerpoint format
· Processor: 500Mhz required, 1Ghz recommended
· Memory: 256Mb required, 512Mb recommended
· Display: 800×600 minimum
· Video Card: 8Mb memory required, 64Mb recommended
· Optional: Webacam


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