Tiếng Việt

Number of Speakers: 80,000,000

Spoken in: Vietnam

Language Family: Austro-Asiatic

Writing System: Latin alphabet

Hi, I am Tuan, The director of freeshareblog. My  teaching has helped a lot people, learn Vietnamese more quickly ,easily.

Today, I want to help you and more people through this site. I will send you Vietnamese lessons to help you speak Vietnamese quickly, easily I want you to feel strong and confident when you speak Vietnamese.


Introduction to the Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. Much of Vietnamese vocabulary has been borrowed from Chinese, most notably Cantonese, especially words that denote abstract ideas, and it was formerly written using the Chinese writing system.

Study Vietnamese Online

These are some online resources for learning Vietnamese. They are listed roughly in order from beginner to advanced. Some are free, many offer free trials or paid upgrades.

On this site, I’ll try to help you  learn Vietnamese for free with all our friendship.

I’m offering the “Vietnamese lessons for Foreigners” courses. The courses are designed to suit for each learners from basic to advanced or based on learner’s requirements.

If you really want to learn Vietnamese.Now you can click on register button to join my course for free


About AnhTuan

Giáo Viên Tiếng Anh tại Buôn Ma Thuột-Đăklăk

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