The Developing Tactics for Listening Test Booklet is

designed for unit-by-unit evaluation of students’

mastery of the Student Book. (Midterm and final

tests are available separately in Developing Tactics

for Listening Teacher’s Book.) The tests may be given

in a language laboratory or in a regular classroom


Tactics for Listening Developing Audio 160KBs.part 1

Tactics for Listening Developing Audio 160KBs.part 2

with a CD player, and they are easily administered

to large or small groups of students. Teachers may

use the tests to assign grades or to identify areas in

which students need additional assistance.

This test package includes photocopiable student

test sheets, an answer key, and tapescripts of the

tests. A CD on the inside back cover of the Test

Booklet contains the recordings needed to

administer the tests.

The test items are based on the listening activities

presented in the Student Book. To assess students’

speaking ability, teachers may use the interviews,

role plays, and other speaking activities in the Over

to You sections of the Student Book.

The Tests

Each unit test is divided into two sections and is

worth a total of 10 points. This format was chosen

to make it easier for teachers of large classes to

administer and score their students’ tests.

The tests can be adapted according to the needs of

the teacher and students. Teachers may wish to use

only certain sections of a test because of time

constraints. It may also be appropriate in some

cases to play one part of a test twice, depending on

the students’ level and the intended use of the test



Each unit test is about five minutes long. Actual

administration time, including set-up and

collection of materials at the end of the test, may

run ten minutes longer.

Giving the Test

Before the students arrive, teachers should

photocopy test sheets for themselves and all of

their students. When the class has started, teachers

distribute the test sheets and have the students

write their names and the date on them. Teachers

then read aloud the instructions for the first section

and play the CD. (They may wish to play each

recording twice.) Before playing the second section,

teachers should go over the instructions and make

sure students understand them.

When the test is finished, teachers collect the test

sheets from the class. They should check to make

sure they receive one test sheet from each student

and that each test sheet has the correct name

written on it.


Space is provided at the end of each section to

write the students’ scores for that section. In

addition, space is provided at the top of the test

sheet to write the students’ total scores. A scale of

10 points is used to make it easy to convert the

scores to grades.

Teachers may wish to go over the test in class so

that students can see their errors and review any

difficult areas. The test results can help teachers

determine where additional practice is needed.

When assigning grades, it is most beneficial to use

the test results in conjunction with other types of

assessment, such as the speaking activities in the

Over to You sections of the Student Book. A wide

variety of assessments will give teachers a fuller

picture of their students’ skills and strengths.

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