Who is this course for?

Step Up to IELTS has been written as an IELTS preparation course with the lower-level IELTS class in mind (intermediate to upper-intermediate students requiring a Band 5 to Band 6 in the Test). It would also be suitable for more advanced students requiring fast familiarisation with the IELTS Test, as it covers all parts of the Test and presents authentic Test-level tasks. It is equally appropriate, however, for the independent learner seeking to increase his or her language competence and IELTS test-taking strategies. The Students Book is complemented by a Personal Study Book, which offers supplementary practice ideal for individual study or homework.

What are the components of the course?


The Student’s Book (With and Without answers editions) consists of sixteen thematically organised units, designed to lead the student from a pre-IELTS level up to the realistic level of the test. While the units are stand-alone components, they build on each other, providing tiered IELTS material to reflect the graded nature of the test. The key features of the book are:

• The book covers the essential exam skills and language required to familiarise students with the IELTS subtests (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking).

Step Up to IELTS Reading / Writing / Listening / Speaking activities – a unique feature which offers a step-by-step approach in one skill to many IELTS question-types and tasks. These build exam skills gradually with shorter, lower level achievable exam- type tasks for practice, leading to more challenging tasks at the authentic test level.

• General Training Reading and Writing modules are covered in addition to the Academic modules.

• Test Tips offer essential information and advice to students about the exam which will help them to maximise their band score.

• Boxes with Useful words and expressions and Grammarboxes are a useful reference and revision resource.

• The individual IELTS Test practice sectionsat the end of each unit together constitute a complete sample test, reflecting the graded levels of difficulty.

• The With answersedition includes a full key to all questions, including the IELTS Test practice at the end of each unit, and there is a recording script for the listening sections, annotated to show where the answers are to be found. Sample Band 9 answers are provided for the Writing Tasks, as models of how these questions can be addressed, but we would emphasise that these are only samples, and many other answers would be possible.

The Personal Study Book focuses on vocabulary; grammar and writing and reinforces the language and topics underpinning each unit. This is particularly suitable for homework and supplementary language work and comes with its own key.

The Teacher’s Book provides guidance and ideas on how to exploit each unit, and gives useful information about the IELTS Test. It contains a fully integrated answer key, plus a series of Progress Tests designed to revise skills, vocabulary and language covered at certain stages of the Students Book.

How should the course be used?

A systematic approach is recommended to capitalise on the progressive structure of the book as strategies, language and vocabulary are systematically recycled throughout die units. However, for teachers who wish to dip into die material selectively the Map of the Book enables them to see at a glance die contents of each unit.


Students opt, when they enrol, to sit either the Academic or the General Training version ol the test. They cannot sit both at the same time. The two versions do not cam- the same weight. Check the IELTS Handbook for details.

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