What is so inviting about the tried and true advice of the Action

Principles is that the beneficial results are immediate. You don’t have to spend a year in graduate school, two days fasting or an hour chanting. Just stop, take a few deep breaths, read for a moment and think. You can change your life for the better in an instant. You can make an immediate decision to become more aware of how you are living your life and recognize your personal choice to be happy.


Guided by your awareness and these Action Principles, you can act. You can listen more, smile more, be more patient and volunteer more often. You can take the lead and be in control. You can choose to be a better partner, parent, friend, son, daughter, employer, employee and citizen. In short, you have the God given power to choose a life of self-improvement and a commitment to helping others. And, no one can take this power from you. You can live an

active life and be successful, happy and at peace.

The tone of the 100 Action Principles is motivational. These Action Principles are for you, a self-reliant take-charge person of action willing to study and work hard for yourself, your family and the larger community. The Action Principles are not presented as religious principles but rather as ideals common to all major religions. The Action Principles are not commandments but inspirational guides to reinforce your own value system. The intent is to challenge and stimulate your thinking as you create your own independent success philosophy formalized in your daily action plans, your to-do list.

Give the Action Principles a month. Enroll in our free e-mail program on Every morning, we will send you one of the Action Principles and a short Master Meditation Mantra. Commit a few minutes to reading and reflecting upon each day’s principle. Next, commit to telling one new person every day about the Action Principles. Challenge yourself and challenge 30 others to be their best! This is what it’s all about; helping yourself as you help others.

With the habit of reviewing an Action Principle each day, you will become the beneficiary of both tangible benefits like more money, a better job and improved health and intangible benefits like love, respect, friendship and peace of mind. As you begin to fulfill your own personal and financial goals, you will find that you will have the resources, time and peace of mind to share your good fortune and positive attitude with others. You will have created success to share. Your life will evolve from making a living to making a difference. Achievement by achievement, better day by better day, with persistence, you will continue to find that your poten­tial is almost unlimited.

No one is choosing you to become successful. You are selecting yourself. Most people will not be able to see the power contained in the simplicity of these words. They will read them with casual interest and move on. You can choose to be dif­ferent. You can choose to be extraordinary. In this defining moment, you can choose to make the 100 Action Principles your principles for your life.

The Action Principles are Level One, the Awareness Level, of the six levels of the Master Success System. To learn more about the life enrichment possibilities of the Master Success System, visit our website at

Bill FitzPatrick

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