Welcome to Storage Area Networks For Dummies, 2nd Edition! The first
edition was the book we wish was around when we were trying to
learn about this stuff! We tried to take a fairly mundane topic and make it a fun
read so you could get up to speed on storage networking as quickly and pain-
lessly as possible. This second edition is written in the same spirit as the first.
When the first edition was written in 2003, very few books on storage area

networks (SANs) were available. The books that were available were very
narrow and extremely technical in focus. They were about as fun to read as
the directions for setting up a DVD player. Although more books about stor-
age networking are available now, most are still very technical and about as
fun to read as the U.S. tax code (nothing against accountants here!).
Over the years, this book has become the standard bearer in keeping the
subject concise, simple, and fun, and has now been updated to include all the
new cool stuff and changes that have occurred since the original printing.
Let’s face it — most folks typically look for a fast and easy way to get informa-
tion; you want the information you need to know, and not everything there is
to know, so this second edition uses that same point of view common to all of
us poor slobs who need to make a SAN work with no budget, no training, and
no time. So don’t worry, be happy — and just have some fun!
About This Book
The mission of this book is to help you find your way around while exploring
the topic of storage area networking. The book is dedicated to individuals
who, for better or for worse, have been tasked with designing, implementing,
configuring, or troubleshooting a storage area network. We hope that the
information here will enable both the beginner and the moderately expert
storage professional sort through the ins and outs of a SAN. We use familiar
language to demystify the technology and translate the jargon as necessary.
You’ll discover how to choose the right hardware for the job, design a SAN
by using the best practices in the industry, connect everything to make it
work, and troubleshoot the SAN to fix problems when they occur.

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Giáo Viên Tiếng Anh tại Buôn Ma Thuột-Đăklăk

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