In the ten-plus years that I’ve been writing about Web design, I’ve seen
many changes — from the early days (before Dreamweaver even existed)
when you could create only simple pages with HTML 1.0, to the elaborate
designs you can create with Dreamweaver today using XHTML, CSS, AJAX,
multimedia, and more.
If you’re not sure what those acronyms mean yet, don’t worry. I remember
what it was like to figure out all this stuff, too, so I designed this book to
introduce you to the basic concepts. I also want to prepare you for the
ever-changing world of Web design, so I show you how to use Dreamweaver
to create Web sites that take advantage of the latest advances in Web tech-
nologies, such as CSS and AJAX.
One of the challenges of Web design today is that Web pages are not only

being displayed on different kinds of computers, but are also being down-
loaded to computers with monitors that are as big as widescreen televisions
and as small as cell phones. As a result, creating Web sites that look good
to all visitors is a lot more complex than it used to be, and standards have
become a lot more important. That’s why in this book, you find out not only
how to use all the great features in Dreamweaver but also how to determine
which of those features best serve your goals and your audience.
About This Book
I designed Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies to help you find the answers you
need when you need them. You don’t have to read this book cover to cover,
and you certainly don’t have to memorize it. Consider this a quick study
guide and a reference you can return to. Each section stands alone, giving
you easy answers to specific questions and step-by-step instructions for
common tasks.
Want to find out how to change the background color in page properties,
design styles to align images, or add an interactive photo gallery with the
Swap Image behavior? Jump right in and go directly to the section that most
interests you. Don’t worry about getting sand on this book at the beach or
coffee spilled on the pages at breakfast — I promise it won’t complain!

About AnhTuan

Giáo Viên Tiếng Anh tại Buôn Ma Thuột-Đăklăk

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