Essay 258 Topic 36 Which transportation vehicles has changed people’s lives?
Nowadays, many forms of transportations, such as airplanes, bicycles and automobiles, have been introduced into the society. Though people’s views vary from each other, I believe that it is the automobiles that changed people’s lives. Because automobiles could give people more convenience, save everyone’s time and increase the efficiency of the world.

Automobiles have given many freedoms to ordinary people. For the working people, the car enabled them to work in the city and live in suburban areas many miles away. Admittedly, commuting is commonly believed uncomfortable. However, as the land in the city is expensive, a comfortable big house in the suburbs is more preferable than a
small apartment in most people’s opinions. Without automobiles, they would not have this opportunity.
Automobiles give people great convenience, too. Although public transportations are cheap, they cannot always follow the lines in our mind. It means that we will spend more time on traveling than really need. I once go to a university to do something urgent so I went there by taxi. It cost me only 20 minutes. But when I got back by a train and a bus, the journey cost me almost an hour. “Time is money. ” The automobiles have given a great many conveniences to today’s world. Of course, we had better take a plane for a very long journey, but the automobiles are more accessible for ordinary people in daily lives.
To sum up, the automobiles have greatly changed our world and I believe that they have contributed much to improve people’s living standard.
Essay 259 Topic 36 Which transportation vehicles has changed people’s lives?
As opposite to cars and bicycles, airplanes changed human lives in a most radical way. While automobiles in most cases link people living within the same country, a transcontinental aircraft is capable of reaching most remote locations on earth within days and even hours thereby connecting people and carrying goods and ideas. Fast and inexpensive air delivery system benefits all aspects of social well-being, from industrial needs to emergency and rescue operations.
Moreover, modern tourism based primarily on air travel makes it possible to visit virtually any country or even countries within regular vacation time and, therefore, serves the most noble purpose of establishing mutual understanding and trust between nations.
On the other hand, military airfare also drastically changed both military doctrines of the nations with modern air forces and battlefield tactics by significantly reducing number of military and civilian casualties in armed conflicts, increasing intensity and effectiveness of assault on enemy troops thereby reducing total duration of a conflict.
To summarize, aircraft revolutionized modern life in many areas in most cases serving to the benefit of humanity.
Essay 260 Topic 36 Which transportation vehicles has changed people’s lives?
Since human beings invent the airplanes, People’s lives have dramatically changed. If I have a chance to choose transportation vehicles from automobiles, bicycles and airplanes to travel, I prefer to choose airplanes. There are many advantages of choosing airplanes. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.
The main reason for my propensity to choose plane is that the plane is fast and saving a time. For example, The university where I study in the capital of my country is far from
my parent hometown. It takes 5 days by train. Every vacation I spend half of vacation days on the road and make me so tired. I just have little time to stay with my parent. . But now everything is different since the airplane emerges. It only needs 3 hours to my hometown by airplanes. Can you imagine the conception of 5 days (120 hours) and 3 hours? I could have a breakfast in the university dorm and later enjoy the delicious hometown’s lunch that my parent cook for me in the same day. It is the airplanes that fast reduce the distance between my parents and me.
Another reason why I advocate the attitude of the airplane is that the airplane is known as one of the most safe and convenient vehicles. It is reported from the statistic date that accident ratio of the airplane is far under that of the train, the ship and the automobile. With the development of the hi- tech, Faster, safer and more comfortable plane are made. The plane provides variety of the equipment to make customers comfortable.
In a world, In spite of the fact that there may be a couple of advantages by the automobile and the bicycle, I feel the advantages of the airplane are more obvious. Taking into account of all the factors, We may reach the conclusion that as am important transportation vehicles the airplane changes our daily life and at same time brings enormous influences to our society.
Essay 261 Topic 36 Which transportation vehicles has changed people’s lives?
The recent decades have seen incredible development in transportation vehicles. Our everyday lives have been tremendously changed by most of these modern vehicles, among which automobile is a good example.
Recalling the age before the invention of automobile, in which the best transportation vehicles people can utilize is manpower and animals, we should owe the inventor of automobile, Benz, for the great conveniences and facilities automobile have brought us.
Firstly, automobiles provide people with the ability to go to anywhere they want to in a short time. This changes people’s everyday lives not a little. Thanks to automobiles, people in big cities lead better lives, they drive to supermarkets, post offices, hospitals and cinemas, most of which are far away from their houses; driving a car makes people’s life much easier. What is more, someone can even live in the suburb and drive to work or to school in less than an hour.
Secondly, it is much more convenient for us to drive ourselves than to take train or airplane, especially when we are traveling among many places. Driving a car, we can arrange our journey flexibly, and do not have to meet the schedule of those public transportations. And if we have a van, we can also take anything we need with us.
Admittedly, possessing a private automobile also brings us some trouble at the same time. We have to pay for the car insurance and regular maintenance. Additionally, traffic accidents due to automobiles are not rare. But on the whole, automobiles give us facilities rather than troubles.
In a word, automobiles have changed people’s lives in various aspects. Our everyday lives become more and more convenient owing to this modern transportation vehicle.
Essay 262 Topic 36 Which transportation vehicles has changed people’s lives?
In 1903, the Wreight brothers tried out the first powered airplane in the United States, and led human into the era of the airplanes. One hundred years later, when we have already successfully sent astronauts into the moon and been able to reach any place of the world within one day. Airplanes, as one of the ground-breaking inventions of us, have greatly changes our lives.
Firstly, The distance of the world seems shorten by airplanes. Before the emerge of this vehicle, to travel around the world is always a arduous work, and sometimes very dangerous. It usually took severally days or even months to reach the destination by train or by ship. The planes, featured by its speed, are able to transport passengers to every corners of the world within 24 hours. Furthermore, it is always a pleasure to sit in the comfortable couches and drinking coffee in a huge jet to make the journey. airplanes serve as a better transportation vehicle because of their convenience and effectiveness.
Secondly, People’s communication within each other has benefited a great deal from the development of the airplanes. Thanks to the vehicles, the world itself is often referred as a “global village”. The cross-continent trip, made easier by the airplane, sometimes even save our “villagers’ lives”. For example, we have often heard some people who had to take a organ transplant got donator in another country, it is the flight to transport the donation freshly and quickly. Many other ways, provided by airplane, such as the EMS or UPS delivery, the great fight campaign, indeed make the life today unbelievable to our ancestors 100 years before.
Thirdly, also the most important, is that the airplane make our dream of flight come true.
It seems that the Weighter Brothers’ 7-mins off-the-ground can hardly be seen as a real flight nowadays. But it exactly incited the later generations to achieve one and another victory in our endeavor of shaking off the gravity of the planet, and it is also that try-out led to the later trip to the moon. And we can say that from that day on, although our root is still on the ground, our hearts is high above the sky.
At the centennial of human powered flight, the airplane has become a part of our daily life and has spread its influence everywhere.

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