Essay 194 Topic 24 What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?
Recently one of my friends will move to Shanghai from New Zealand and she asked me which aspects she might not adapt in Shanghai. I think that it is as follows:

Firstly, she may think that the air pollution is very severe in Shanghai. As everyone knows that New Zealand is a developed country known for its beautiful natural environment. There are fewer industry plants in New Zealand than in Shanghai. So New Zealand is a very clean and beautiful country, just like a garden. However, in Shanghai the air pollution is still out of control. When you come back home from your company every day, you will find that your shoes are covered with dusts.
What is more, my friend may find that the streets in Shanghai is very crowded with traffic. The population of Shanghai is 13 million, which is much more than that of New Zealand. She might find uncomfortable traveling in the streets of Shanghai During rush hours.
Finally, I think that she may complain about some other small things about Shanghai. For example suppose she walks on the pavement and will find that there are too many bicycles parked on it which block the sidewalk. Sometimes she has to walk on the street.
I think having lived in New Zealand for a long time, these small things in Shanghai may bewilder her.
In a word, I think that my friend will dislike the air pollution, crowded transportation and other aspects of Shanghai. As a Shanghaiese, I think we all should try our best to make Shanghai a better place to live in the future.
Essay 195 Topic 24 What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?
It is almost always the case that a person who has been living in a rural area for a while confronts certain conveniences and inconveniences of living in a city. One convenience is the number and diversity of stores and shops available in a short distance. A big inconvenience is the traffic congestion that takes place in many places.
One big thing I remind my foreign friend who is planning to move to my city is that there is cultural diversity. My friend is an international student from Japan who is living in a small town in California. As a foreigner, he confronts new cultures practiced by the local people everyday. On the other hand he realizes that there are few stores and restaurants that are native to his culture. It is very normal that such a person gets homesick and starts missing people and products from his own country. Moving to a city will satisfy such need of him because there are many stores, restaurants, and supermarkets that are run by Japanese companies so he will less likely to be homesick any more.
However, there is one big inconvenience about living in a city, which is traffic.
Especially people who drive often feel stressed on the streets which are always full of cars waiting for other cars to move. It is always difficult to find parking spots either in parking lots or on the street. Furthermore, apartments do not always provide sufficient parking spots to their residents. A lot of people who live in city feel less convenient to keep cars and choose to use public transportation. However, unfortunately, the public transportation is not perfectly great around my neighborhood.
My city satisfies and dissatisfies my foreign friend who drives. The availability of stores and shops that are native to his country releases his dissatisfaction about being surrounded by different cultures. However, on the other hand, traffic that is always the problem in big cities gives new stress which he is currently free from. It is a matter of balance between the two features that he needs to settle in.
Essay 196 Topic 24 What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?
Almost everybody has simultaneously reasons to like and dislike about living in his town or city. If a person move to my home city – Sofia I think he would like and dislike the following.
It seems to me that the first thing that he would enjoy is the rich culture life, which my town provides. There are a wide variety of opportunities, from which he can choose such as visiting museums, galleries, theaters or movies.
The second, that he would probably enjoy, is the nearness of Vitosha mountain. It provides plenty of opportunities for winter sports, fore example, skiing and snowboarding. Vitosha is also a pleasant place for walks all year around.
Besides these advantages, like an every big city, Sofia has its specific problems. First, I think that every citizen feels negative effects of air pollution. It is caused not only of the big number of cars, which have not catalysts, but also of the big factories for iron ore
processing, situated close to the city.
In addition, a person, who moves to Sofia would definitely feel uncomfortable, because of rowdiness in my city. It is very common to feel like a “hot-dog”, while using public transport.
In conclusion, if a person moves to Sofia, he on the one hand would like culture life and nearness of the Vitosha mountain; however on the other hand he would definitely dislike the air pollution and rowdiness of the city.
Essay 197 Topic 24 What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?
Dear Mary:
I am glad to learn that you are planning to move to my city from your hometown for work, and I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Moreover, I deem it my duty to help you get familiar with the life here, therefore, I would like to analyze some of the attractive as well as undesirable living conditions as follows.
Firstly, I am sure that you will enjoy the colorful life here. Here in my city, there are all kinds of entertainment places, such as museums, cinemas, parks and so on. Therefore, in your spare time, you can really enjoy yourself. What is more, there are quite a few shopping malls here, which are just right for you, a girl fond of beautiful goods and shopping.
Furthermore, I believe that working in my city will probably help you make full use of your intellect and capability. Since your major is EE, you should keep up with the rapid pace of development of this field, which can be realized by living in such a large modern city. You can attend all kinds of lectures, get in contact with numerous large advanced companies, and so on. In this way, you can finally find a desirable job and put your heart and soul into it to make contributions to your field.
However, all things have two sides, and I do think that you may have some problem before getting familiar with the life here. For instance, like all other large cities, the transportation system here is sometimes boring, and you are sure to find the jams on your way home intolerable. Nevertheless, I have confidence in your ability of getting used to the new situations, and I am always ready to help you.
Best wishes. Hui
Essay 198 Topic 24 What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?
If a person I know is planning to move to my town, I think that this person would like to live in my town. Why I hold that point is that my town is a quiet and beautiful university town, and it is very suitable to live and study. I believe if people would like to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful view, he will like to live in my town.
In the first place, my town is located in a small city called Blacksburg. Why it located there because there have one famous university-XXX Tech. XXX tech has a very beautiful campus. You will find that living and studying in there are more enjoyable and comfortable. I would like to recommend that autumn is the most beautiful season in here. There are all kinds of color of trees. How extraordinary you must think so. Many people lived in my town think Blacksburg is a best place to live.
In the second place, as you know, the major institute in my town is a university. The studying atmosphere is really good. If you want to do some research or seek a degree in here, I bet you would regret your choice to live in Blacksburg. XXX tech has a state library and you will get all research resource you need. In addition, XXX tech is famous for its engineering school. There have many top engineering research labs. Living in Blacksburg is definitely good choice if you have some interest in research areas.
In the last place, my town is a convenient place to live. You do not worry about crowned transportation, air pollution and noise neighborhoods. You have lots of choices to live in campus or off campus. You do not worry if you cannot afford a car if you are living off campus. Blacksburg has its Bus transportation system, which covered all areas of the town. Meanwhile, there are many stores, Supermarkets and shopping mall, so you can buy anything you want. In addition, there are many places for young people to spare their free time, such as Tan club, Pub and gym. You should have lots of fun during your leisure time.
I moved here two years, from my experience, I ‘d like to say my town is good place to live. I believe my friend will like to live in here. Of course, everything needs my friend to evaluate after he moved to here.
Essay 199 Topic 24 A NEW LIFE IN A NEW TOWN
Soon, a friend of mine will move to my hometown. Due to the fact that he is leaving a small village and entering the life of a big city, he will make some new experiences. On the one hand, he will like the cultural events and shopping opportunities in my hometown, on the other hand he might miss the calm atmosphere of his small village. Without a doubt, there are much more cultural events in my hometown than in a small village. You can go to movie theaters, to musicals or operas, you can visit museums and
concerts of famous stars and you have many opportunities to see important sport events, like the games of our soccer team. I think, my friend will enjoy these offers. Furthermore, the shopping opportunities are great in my hometown. We have huge malls with hundreds of different shops which offer you anything you can imagine and even things you cannot imagine. I am sure that my friend will appreciate this new diversity. Altough he will like the advantages of my hometown, he might miss the calm atmosphere of his small village. The town never sleeps. Twenty-four hours a day, you hear traffic noise and you see restless people hurrying from one place to another. Therefore, it is really difficult to find a calm place. Altogether, I believe that my friend will like the life of a big city. The advantages like cultural events and shopping opportunities outweigh possible disadvantages.

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