Essay 140 Topic 15 What are the qualities of a good neighbor?
I believe that in every community very special relationships occur between neighbors. After our family and friends, neighbors are the closest people we have around us. In my opinion, the qualities of a good neighbor are helpfulness, tactfulness and lack of unsound curiosity.

To begin with, many people expect their neighbors to be helpful or to do them a favor when they are in trouble. In my opinion, a good neighbor would not refuse to keep an eye on our house or apartment when we are away. What is more, good neighbors would never leave us outside in the rain if we have lost our home keys. In addition, they would always suggest using their phone if ours is disconnected. Or they would never refuse to lend us some sugar for our morning coffee.
Apart from latter mentioned, I consider that tactfulness is a quality as important as helpfulness is. I would expect that my good neighbor would not tell every one what the color of my dressing gown is. Neither he nor she would call the police because of loud music on my birthday party, for example.
Finally many people believe their neighbors display a lot of unsound curiosity. What does it mean? These people feel that their neighbors try to spy on every step they make. To be watched twenty-four hours a day is not only uncomfortable but also very irritating.
Sometimes many misunderstandings occur between neighbors. As a matter of fact, to have a good neighbor around you could be a real bless. And if we are polite, helpful and if we show required respect to our neighbors, I believe that sooner or later they would treat us in the same way.
Essay 141 Topic 15 What are the qualities of a good neighbor?
What are the most important qualities of a good neighbor? It’s a matter of opinion. From my point of view, I think a good neighbor should be warm-hearted, helpful, and considerate for others.
Firstly, a good neighbor should be warm-heated. I used to live in a small alley, where there were quite a few warm-hearted persons. Wherever I come across them, they never fail to say hello to me. I also enjoyed exchanging greeting with them, telling them how things were going with me, what’s new on me, and sometimes handling home-made refreshments for them to share with me. Can you imagine what it will be like if you lived in an apartment where people never said a word to each other or even didn’t know each other’s names? I will never forget granny Wang’s benevolent smiling face and uncle Lee’s deep loving voice.
Secondly, a good neighbor should be helpful. Everyone will encounter some inconvenience in his or her life. When you are in dilemma, a good neighbor may be the most helpful person to turn to for help. Suppose you have to go on a long journey to Africa, and you need someone to look after your pet. You may naturally think of Mr. Zhang, a good neighbor who is always willing to help you when you are in such a situation.
Thirdly, a good neighbor should be considerate for others. He or she will never dance or play music loudly at midnight. Of course, he will never throw waste paper or banana skin from the balcony to your yard if you live on the first floor. Nor will he stay in your house till very late in the night since he knows you have to get up early next morning. You will find yourself living in a quite and clean environment suitable for your life, study and work.
Finally, I would like to mention that do not forget to be a good neighbor yourself. Your neighbor will treat you exactly the same way you treat them. So be a good neighbor yourself first, and you will find other people are all qualified good neighbors.
The above-mentioned are the major qualities I think a good neighbor should possess. If you have some good neighbor like that, my congratulations!
Essay 142 Topic 15 What are the qualities of a good neighbor?
In time, humans have learned to live in harmony with each other. The creation of neighborhood is the result of this situation. So now, people who live near to each other are called neighbors. For a person to incur the idea that a neighbor is good or bad, he must have a set of qualities to test with. These qualities may differ from person to person since it is a matter of personal feeling.
The first quality I set is; for a neighbor to be a good one, he must be ready to help and be helped. He must have the will to try to me in awkward situations, as I would also do the
same for him. For example if fire breaks out in my house at midnight and if he is at home, he should at least call the police. This quality is not associated only with danger; it may also be connected to such cases in which I may seek advice from my good neighbor.
The second quality pertains to privacy. Both of us should respect each other’s privacy. Although a good neighbor should be sociable, he must be able to refrain himself from protruding in my private life. He must also be able to keep the secrets I let him in on. In relation to this, good neighbors should be able to get together and discuss on issues of practical importance.
A good neighbor should fulfill the third quality by possessing a good behavior. He must never disturb my peace by showing misdemeanor. Moreover, he must never let his private action influence or disturb me. For example, if he listens to music aloud at midnight, I would absolutely be disturbed. A good neighbor must not only respect my rights but also be capable of using his own rights appropriately.
Generally, a good neighbor is the one who would care for me and the society as a whole. He must also be gregarious and should frequently participate in social affairs. In short words, I would say that a good neighbor is the one who is sociable and with good manner.
Essay 143 Topic 15 What are the qualities of a good neighbor?
“Good morning”, my neighbor Ann gave me a sweet smile with her greeting when she saw me out of home. “Save your energy, I’ll keep the door for you. ” my neighbor Jim kept the door of the elevator when he saw me heading to the elevator. Such small but friendly things happen to me everyday, because I am lucky to live in a friendly apartment building. My neighbors are polite, helpful and responsible persons, and I have no doubt that they are good neighbors.
A good neighbor is a polite neighbor. When you meet her, for example, she will say hello to you with a smile face. When you walk after her, she will hold the door for you. When your kids wave to her, she will begin a small friendly conversation with the kids. Polite neighbors give you a good mood in your every day’s life.
A good neighbor is a helpful neighbor. For instance, when you take heavy grocery and try to keep yourself in balance, he will give you a hand. When you left your laundry in the washing machine, he will remind you or post a note in the laundry room. When your car is in repair, he will voluntarily give you a ride to shopping mall. Helpful neighbors help you to solve some problems in your life.
A good neighbor is a responsible neighbor. She will not listen the loudly music in the midnight, because she know she has the responsibility to keep a quiet circumstance for her neighbors to sleep well. She will call police when she sees something strange in the neighborhood, keeping a good security for the neighborhood. She will actively involve in
the neighborhood’s affairs, bringing the best for the neighborhood. Responsible neighbors contribute to the neighborhood’s better future.
All in all, politeness, helpfulness and responsibility are the essential characters a good neighbor must possess. Many people hope to have good neighbors and one thing we must not forget is to make ourselves good neighbors in our neighborho
Essay 144 Topic 15 What are the qualities of a good neighbor?
Today most of the people work in the companies in the towns or in big cities. Because of they have to live in apartment in the block of flats in the big cities from where they could go very quickly to work. And they have a lot of neighbors around them. Every one of them has different tastes and interests so they often disturb each other. Only few have the chance to live in houses outside the town, away from the annoying neighbors, and go to work by car. Apart from that I think that neighbors could be good have and in the following essay I will mention some of the qualities of good neighbor.
When people live close to each other in an urban environment, the quality of life is directly related to the way they treat each other. Consequently, one of the most obvious qualities for good neighbor is to be quiet, because when people are at home they want to relax calmly in front of the TV or to listen to the music. For example, I have awful neighbors from morning till night they listen music very loudly, so that I could not do my homework for school and sometimes I could not sleep. And also when my neighbor’s dog barks, I get annoyed.
What is more I think that they must also be tactful and reasonable. Neighbors are people near you. But when you choose an apartment to live in, you could not choose your neighbors. It depends on luck to have a good neighbor. And it will be wonderful if you could rely on him/her. For example a young couple which have to go out on business and have to leave his child alone at home. And instead of doing that they could leave their child with their neighbor.
Last but not least neighbors could become good friends. When one of the neighbors make a party and make a lot of noise, which disturb his/her neighbors, he/she could invite them to the party. In this way the reasonable neighbor could cancel their bust of indignation and make new friends.
In conclusion neighbors are a piece of big puzzle called city, we could compare each of them but we could not change them. All we have to do is to keep a positive attitude, respect neighbors’ privacy, and be patient to your neighbors.

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