Essay 43 Topic 2 The best teacher.
Have you ever counted the number of teachers that you have studied with in any level of school? This question may sound strange and silly and I believe there are only few people, excluding me, trying to solve this problem. However, assume that you are the one who desire to answer this peculiar question. Whatever number you gain from the counting, you should plus two to that amount in

order to get the real and correct answer. Why is it necessary to plus two? This is because that ‘two’ stand for father and mother who are the best instructors in my viewpoint. There are some major reasons why I have such this idea. To begin with, because mother and father are the key persons who give birth to children, anything they teach their children is undoubtedly filled with love and sincerity whereas knowledge of instruction gained from others can sometimes be coated with malicious intention which can endanger them. With this reason, we can clam that anything that parents provide for us is reliable and harmless. Moreover, from my point of view, parents are more willing than usual to answer the question from their children repeatedly. This is as a result of affection and strong desire of parents to benefit and to eradicate the doubtful points of their sons or daughters as much as possible. These gentle love and care of parents eulogize them to be the best teachers, I believe. The last point which I consider the most important is that, excluding academic knowledge that parents may instruct us, they also inculcate and emphasize moral code and ethical concepts which are necessary in being an etiquette person to our minds. This act emphasizes that parents are much different from other kinds of teachers. In conclusion, from my viewpoints stated above, sons and daughters should praise their parents as the best teachers and realize the importance of them and the love and cares that they have toward us. Besides, we should not make these best teachers sad because of our nonsense behaviors since we now know well how much they love and care us.

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