Essay 134 Topic 14 Should university students be required to attend classes?
Have you ever written an essay overnight? Have you ever had to bear a sleepy body for a required class that needed you sign up the next morning? Have you ever depended on coffee to keep alert in a tedious lecture? If you have such experiences, you will find that for a university student, more options is serious needed. So,in my opinion, I agree with that going to classes should be optional for students.

First of all, the goal of university education is to help students gain some practical knowledge that they interest in. If attending some specific classes is a burden for students, university education may be described as a failure to some extent. So why not give more optional ways to students. The more optional the better it is. After all, there is no the only way in our life.
Further more, the valuable resources in university should be fully used. In addition to attend classes, you can absorb what you really want in library, on Internet and so on. I can still remember my roommate Lee. He never attended a computer course in university. But through sitting in the front of a computer, searching information of technology by networks, analyzing many practical cases, eventually he became a senior engineer in Legend company, the biggest computer company in our country. When graduated from university, he receive both a bachelor degree and a good job. In sharp contrast, some who even did never miss a class have not get a job now. In conclusion, attending classes is not everything, especially for a university student.
Though attending classes is the basic way by which students learn their subjects, more options is good or even better for studying. As a result, I consider that going to classes should be optional for students.
Essay 135 Topic 14 Should university students be required to attend classes?
What are the desirable of a good neighbor? It is a matter of opinion. From my perspective, if you have a good neighbor should be warm-hearted, helpful, and well-bred.
First, a good neighbor should be warm-hearted. I used to live in an alley, where there are quite a few warm-hearted senior citizens. Whatever they met me, they never failed to say hello to me. I also enjoyed exchanging greeting with them, telling them how things were going with me. Now having lived an apartment for several years, I even do not know who my neighbors are. How I miss my old neighbors’ happy smiling faces and their voice.
Second, a good neighbor should be helpful. When you are in trouble, a good neighbor may be the night person turn to for help. She give you a ride to work if your car was broken and let your children stay at her house in the evening if you got stuck working overtime. You would do the same for her. Both of you would help make the other’s life easier.
Most important, a good neighbor should be well-bred. She will not play music loudly at midnight to disturb your sleep. She will not threw waste paper or banana skin from the balcony to your yard if you live on the first floor. Nor will she come to your room without knocking at the door. You find yourself living in a quiet and clean environment suitable for your life, study, and work.
From what has been discussed above, the major qualities I think a good neighbor should be warm-hearted, helpful, and well-bred. If you have a good neighbor like that, cheer your lucky. If not, try to find one for yourself. But do not forget to be a good neighbor yourself.
Essay 136 Topic 14 Should university students be required to attend classes?
In collages, students have more right to choose whether they need to attend classes or not. Some students think that classes are not necessary for them since they can read any materials by themselves. Others claim that attending classes is still vital because it cannot only increase student’s knowledge but also develop student’s personality. In my view, I agree that attending classes is still important for student’s lives.
First, while attending classes, students can get some extra knowledge that they probably cannot find in any books. Teachers always add their own knowledge into their classes. Some knowledge comes from their real experience while others come from reading various kinds of books. Therefore, for students, attending classes seems to be a shortcut for them to learn and get much knowledge since they cannot get such large amount of knowledge from reading only one or even a few types of books.
Moreover, attending classes is also a good way for students to practice their responsibilities. After student enrolled in some classes, they need to force themselves to go to every class no matter what time the classes is. Moreover, finishing any task and homework that students got from their classes can also improve student’s responsibility. Therefore, attending classes can also be to good way for practicing student’s
responsibility which is very vital when they go to work.
Finally, students who participate in classes can exchange their idea and knowledge with other friends. For example, while I attended classes, teachers always asked me and my classmates to express our own idea in some particular topics. Moreover, teachers also asked us to work in group which we can learn about teamwork. Students who study alone at their home or library may not be able to exchange and share their idea with others. Therefore, even through not attending classes can probably give students as much knowledge as they do while joining in classes, they may not be able to express and show their thought process as good as students who attend classes do.
In short, even though some people said going to class is not necessary for them, I think that, excepted knowledge, students can get something more while attending class.
Essay 137 Topic 14 Should university students be required to attend classes?
I think attending all the classes should be doubtlessly required for all the university students. This is in classes that one can get himself really involved in the discussions, which are completely relevant to the subjects covered in the course.
Today, most of university teachers are complete masters of the subjects that they teach. It seems also that presenting a monologue is not as effective as getting the students involved in teaching by having an interactive environment in which students can think and present their thoughts without fear or disgrace. So the classes are moving to having flat and interactive conditions. So, I do not think it would be a good idea to ignore these optimal situations for learning, in favor of loneliness for having better focus on the teaching materials or relative reading.
One other reason I think will remove any doubt on the matter is the overall time spend for attending classes during one semester; as long as I know, each credit of a course is equivalent to one hour of class attendance in a week. So, for a regular 3 credit university course, a registered student is required to spend just three hours in potentially more than 30 hours of official university hours in one week. Is this time really so much that a student decides to save it for – in the best conditions – self studies? Does this student learn subjects as efficiently when he is studying by himself, as in a live class? What does he do when facing a contradiction or even when a question rises in his mind that hinders his normal progress?
Another benefit of attending the classes is that students have to get themselves with the class by reviewing the subjects covered in each session and ask their probable misunderstandings or questions in the next session. By being with the class, the amount of materials to be studied at the end of the semester for the final exams, which are very common, is reduced and made easy in study.
Considering these normal conditions, I think if a student really is to study and learn the
required subjects, the best way would include attending the official class sessions. But if this is not the case and he need not get the best from his course, he can cram for the final exam just a few hours and hopefully get a pass mark!
Essay 138 Topic 14 Should university students be required to attend classes?
Sometimes I feel that studying alone seem to be more effective than attending the classes, especially, when I have a strong interest in a certain subject. However, I disagree with the point of view that the classes should be optional for university students, because the function of the classes is never replaced by studying alone.
The main reason for my view is that we cannot learn all knowledge gained from the classes by learning the textbook alone. Since the professor had studied his subject for many years and had spent much times to prepare the class. There muse be some knowledge that are distinctive and cannot be gained from the textbook. Furthermore, the professor knew which knowledge was very important, which can be skipped, and carefully arranged the schedule. Studying as the schedule should be more effective.
Another reason for my view is that we not only can learn some knowledge in the classes but also learn the team spirit, the discipline and routine. In the classes, we often discuss with other students, sometimes we even cooperate with others to accomplish a project. So we have to learn to get along with others and train our team spirit. Regular attending the classes also can let us used to routine and obey the discipline. All these characters are very important for our coming jobs.
So based on all these reasons and examples, I think university students should attend the classes and that cannot be optional.
Essay 139 Topic 14 Should university students be required to attend classes?
Most of universities in north America have no requirement for students attending classes, so going to class becomes an option for students. Some people believe there are a lot of advantages for the students who have competence in auto-education, however others oppose to this. To clarify this issue, let us identify some advantages and disadvantages of attending classes.
For most of students in the universities, class lectures is the most important way to gain knowledge especially when someone just enter a brand new study field. As we know, each course has its own properties which means the way to understand and the way to remember are different. For example, a math course is full of logical analyze, and the teacher’s lecture give student the best and concise ideas to understand it. Furthermore, leading students to the right method of thinking. Obviously, it will save much time. In class lectures facilitate the study for some students with some difficulties.
On the contrary, some advanced students want to launch their own schedule and challenge themselves in order to develop their self-learning abilities which is useful in their future work environment. Not attending class, which gives them more time to study alone and think alone, results in increasing their competence to work independently. That is what the best universities want to give to their students. Since different courses have different configurations, students should study each course in the different way. For example, English is a time consuming course. We do not need lots of understanding, but we need to use much more time on remembering and practicing. A English textbook shows all of the detail and explanation, so it is easy to obtain each knowledge point. Therefore, self study on this subject is advisable. Attending classes have advantage and disadvantage, which mostly depend on the students’ abilities and penchant. The course character is another considerable factor. Students need to balance their study life in the university, choosing the best way to study for their future. In conclusion, I do not want to see the universities have the attending class requirement as a policy.

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