Essay 190 Topic 23 Should teenagers work while they are students?
It is true that is some countries teenagers have jobs while they are still students. I support this idea and believe that it can help the teenager a lot in his present and future life.

Self-reliance is an important lesson of life. People need to learn it at some point of time. Teenagers who have jobs while they are studying learn to fend for themselves. They may use the money earned to pay their school fee or may use it as their pocket money. They learn how difficult it is to earn money. This will make them appreciate the efforts put in by their parents to support the family.
Teenagers who have part-time jobs while they study get some valuable work experience. Most of the employers will be appreciative of the work experience an individual has. For example, if an individual applies for the job of a lecturer in a college and has experience as a Teaching Assistant in his college, he will certainly have a better chance of getting the job. Thus, the work experience that the teenagers get while studying will help them to get a job in their later life.
Sharing of responsibility is something that teenagers will learn when they work part-time along with their studies. They will learn to share the workload and responsibilities with their parents and other family members. This will certainly ease the load on their parents and will help the family as a whole. For instance, if a family has two children who go to school, parents may feel it difficult to support both of them for their education. In case, one of them works part-time and supports him self to some extent, the parents can divert more resources towards the other child and get him proper education. Thus, the family as a whole is benefited. It may even improve the understanding and coordination between
the siblings.
Thus, in my opinion part-time jobs undertaken by teenagers along with their studies help them by making them self-reliant and independent. It also makes them more responsible towards their family and society in general.
Essay 191 Topic 23 Should teenagers work while they are students?
There is much disagreement over whether it is a good idea for teenagers to have jobs when they are still students. Some people hold the opinion that doing part-time job is a waste of time for teenagers, while others are convinced that having work experiences as teenagers can be beneficial in various ways. I deem the second one as my premier choice. Among countless factors, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows.
The main reason for my propensity is that a great deal of new experiences can be obtained by teenagers who have jobs when they are still students. Under working circumstances, teenagers have a lot of opportunities to cooperate with others, thus their teamwork spirits and leadership skills can be enhanced at a great speed. They can also learn how to get along with other colleagues by doing part-time jobs. All of these skills learned at work are required in order to be successful in the modern society.
The second reason for my view is that teenagers can earn money to support their families by doing part-time jobs. Nowadays, although most of the families are able to afford for their daily activities, such as Internet and television, some of the families are still living in poverty or below the average level. If the teenagers in the families can make some extra money by doing part-time jobs, it may be really helpful to the families.
Last but not least, having part-time jobs when you are still a student is a great opportunity to help you learn how to best organize your time. If the teenagers decided to have some work experiences, they had to contribute some time to their jobs. This could be really long, like 4 hours a day; or this could be considerably short, like half an hour per day. No matter how long it takes for teenagers to do part-time jobs, they certainly have to organize their time really well in order to finish their school work on time. Having part­time jobs when they are still students can help them cultivate a good time-organizing habit, which is highly beneficial to their future development.
Frankly speaking, I agree that there may be some disadvantages for teenagers to have jobs when they are still students. But it is apparent that the advantages far overweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, I strongly recommend that teenagers should have some work experiences when they are still students.
Essay 192 Topic 23 Should teenagers work while they are students?
Basic to any understanding of the development of the current education is not only the study marks the students make but also the practical ability they have in the ever- changing society. In my point of view, it is good for teenagers have jobs while they are still students.
The most significant reason to support my opinion is the students can put what they have learned into the usual life so that they can apply it flexibly and freely. For example, a student is working at the counter of a supermarket. Everyday, he counts the money, calculates the bills and gives the changes to the customers. In this case, this student will use the most convenient and considered math method to solve the problem while working. The way he using makes him have a deeper expression, a more skillful apply and raise his speed of calculating.
On the other hand, teenagers having jobs while they are still students can widen their horizons and improve their ability to communicate. If a student has a job, he will communicate with all kinds of people he meets while working and have the chance to know some parts of the society that differ from his similar campus. During the working time, this student will communicate with not only teachers, schoolmates but also workers, drivers, managers and the like, whom he probably cannot see in the campus. And then, he learns different ways to communicate with different people and can get along well with the all kinds of people. His ability to communicate will improve effectively and efficiently. Even more, he will learn something new for him by knowing the work style, job background and so on of the people so that he knows more than the one has no jobs.
In a conclusion, I truly believe that it is dramatically good for teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Because it is natural, logic and make the students have a more meaningful and colorful life by touching the current society.
Essay 193 Topic 23 Should teenagers work while they are students?
In some countries, teenagers used to have job while they are still students, but many other advanced countries have a negative attitude.
According to my opinion it is much better for teenagers to not work while they are in college. This opinion I am basing on some reasons.
First of all, I consider when teenager has to work and at the same time need to get some knowledge, he (she) cannot concentrate well on his subject, and he is often simply tired. This condition is not well for studying. I am sure, if teenagers have to work after school, they do not have enough time for good preparation for studies and their knowledge progress. I believe that for teenagers it is better to concentrate on their studies and to make a good foundation for their future. Also, I think young people are adopting knowledge more easily than adults. So, this age is really the right time for hard studying.
When teenagers work, they may loose time for sleep rest and this is not best way, because
they body are growing up and this might hurt their health. In some cases, teenagers who work and have some savings can use their money for not good thing like cigarettes, drugs or alcohols. Some more reason why is bad for teenagers to have a job because they do not have enough of professionalism and responsibility. Shortage of knowledge might become as result bad working. In Russia, for example, it is not usually for teenagers have a job. I was living in Russia and I really can say, progress in studies there much effective than in countries where students have a job, because the first one can fully to spare the time for studies.
Based on the above discussion, I hold the opinion, I disagree that teenagers can have a job during they are students because it might be as result not effective studying.

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