Essay 207 Topic 27 Should people do things that they do not like?
In my primary schooling, my teacher always taught us to be honest, partially ourselves. However, our lives are full of regretting and compromising, we often need to do something that we do not enjoy.

Many people think that we should be true to ourselves, so that we should choose what we enjoy most, regardless of what other people think. For example, if we do not want to study anymore, just give up and try to do what we really want to such as being an artist or a dance. It is meaningless for us to continue studying if we have no talents and no interest
in it.
Somebody consider health as an excuse for not doing anything that they do not enjoy. For a person who wants to be a teacher or an accountant this occupation may not he likes because of some reasons. Every day he needs to face the numbers and calculators. He is under stress because he does not enjoy what he is doing. Few years later, maybe he will get some serious diseases or even so mad. Therefore, doing things that we do not want be very dangerous.
However, although most of us do not enjoy studying we know that we can gain from that. The most obvious is that we can obtain a high education level and have a better career prospect. Maybe many people oppose this view especially during the economic downturn, but they should realize that there are some potential benefits that we have forgotten for a long time. That is through studying, your knowledge can be strengthened. Besides, we will think that our knowledge is not enough when we have the chance to make use of it.
In spite of the importance of health, self-discipline is very essential and so we cannot do whatever we want to. Otherwise, marriage between relatives, cloning of my murders, burglaries… all the bad things you can think of may happen from time to tome. All these are immoral and many other people will be effectual if you do them.
Moreover, one’s interest in one thing may not exist when he was born. Taking part in that activity, Yundi Li, a Chinese pianist, did not like playing piano when he was small, but now he is an excellent and well-known pianist in the world can develop interest. Primary school teachers teach us to be honest; it is true to look into a thing on different aspects.
We will try to love what we are doing if we try to find out the lovely things of it.
To conclude with, everyone wants to do what he or she enjoys most, but because of the above reasons, we should learn how to live in the real lives in a happier way.
Essay 208 Topic 27 Should people do things that they do not like?
Human by nature is very selfish. Before doing anything he asks himself what am I going to get out of it. However, beneath this hard core which is very pragmatic, there is a soft corner full of feeling and emotions which laughs and cries with others. Therefore, sometimes people do things which they really do not enjoy but I assume it is only preferable to do it occasionally.
Everyone in this world try to work hard to earn his bread and butter for himself and his family. Moreover, in this world of modernization they have very less time to think of others but sometimes doing things for others gives so much satisfaction that you feel your life to be worth living. A very small example is to help a needy and hungry person when you find him in your way. Also giving donations in charities or in orphanages means directly helping those who has lost the sight out of their life.
However, working for others sake gives satisfaction and happiness but one should always beware of offenders and sycophants. They might take undue advantage of your innocence and of helping nature. For e. g in profession these sycophants make their ways to get their work done either by hook or by crook.
In sum up, apart from doing things for ourselves, one should occasionally do things for others sake because it give satisfaction and happiness. On the other hand, one should also keep an eye on people who are in hope to take advantage of their helping nature.
Essay 209 Topic 27 Should people do things that they do not like?
There is no denying that every person tends to do things that he or she enjoys doing, because they could obtain happiness, relaxation, and satisfaction. On the other hand, when we retrospect the process of growing up, nobody could doubt that under some circumstance, we must do something that we dislike. For my part, to a large extend, trying to do something which we are not interested in is necessary and beneficial for us. Among countless reasons which can be identified as contributing to my point, some major ones are listed as follows:
First and foremost, many things that people dislike can help persons to broad the horizon and get access to some unfamiliar things and fields. For instance, we usually do not prefer to communicate with other persons whose views contradict our own, which are easier cause stress and enmity. However, every person has his or her merits and disadvantages. Discussing with different kinds of people, we could acknowledge the new ways that other people apply to and understand comprehensively the views which we share. Sometimes, just these dissenters assist us to avoid some serious mistakes. Furthermore, in the process we are easier to touch new fields of knowledge and arouse our interests and innovation, which are essential for us in the ever-changing society.
In addition, facing the controversy between the interests of the whole communities and individual, every qualified citizen is responsible to sacrifice interests of our own, even though which may be act against our views. Only in this way, could human being eliminate some serious problems, such as pollution, crime, and so on, which can contribute to lead and create prosperity of the whole society.
Admittedly, certain things which people usually are interested in are not beneficial to us. A case in point is some bad habits of people, such as smoking, laziness and the like. Furthermore, common experiences inform us that some enjoyable things may not be concrete and fixed conceptions. Ages and more experience can exert crucial influence on our interests.
All in all, making some reasonable attempts and struggling more challenges can benefit both individual and society. In the ever-increasing world, people should do things that they are like and adapt well to new environment and society.
Essay 210 Topic 27 Doing things we do not like
Currently, some people hold the opinion that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. In my opinion, this statement is true. Generally, people tend to do things they enjoy doing. As a child, most people spend all their time playing things they enjoy. Boys go climbing, play fight games, and play football; girls play with their Barbie dolls or enjoy wearing their beautiful clothes. No parents would force the kids to do things they do not like, because there is no need to do so. However, the children may the only exception who do nothing they do not like. Virtually, even the children, as they grow up, will be required to go to school. In children’s eyes, this is obviously not a job as interesting as playing all day, so most of them do not like going to school at the very beginning. But their parents will force them to do so, because attending school is the formal way one get systematic education and prepare himself well for future career. Since no one can spend all his whole lifetime in just playing, all of us should do something we do not enjoy doing, such as attending school. When one becomes an adult, he will find that there are more and more things he has to do, even if he does not enjoy. Being an grownup, one has responsibility to his family as well as the country. For example, one will have to get up early every day to go to his office, where there will be a lot of things waiting for his care. Or he may have to deal with some affairs between his colleagues. Even if one is doing a job he likes, he may be frustrated by the boring trifles in his job. And in order to do his job well, one has no choice but to bear and try to handle such kind of trifles. It seems disappointing that one should sometimes do things they do not like. However, this does not mean that we can only bear things. On the contrary, we should always make ourselves ready to do things we enjoy doing, although this may mean that we will have to do something we do not enjoy doing. In sum, people should sometimes do things we do not enjoy doing. But keep it in mind that all this is to guarantee that we can do things we enjoy better.
Essay 211 Topic 27 27 Do you agree or disagree w
Should people sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing? I personally think that this has its good side. Sometimes people totally underestimate or even make fun of other people and what they are doing at work or during their free time. Recently I had to be a clerk at my unit instead of my regular job as a nurse. I was not very happy that I had to do something I never imagined of doing. I had a very hard time and did not nearly accomplish as much work as our clerks do. At the end of the day I recognized that being a clerk can be as challenging as my regular job. Another example is the garbage man. Everybody belittles this job and makes fun of it. I am sure if everybody would have to empty trash bins for only half a day that would make all the difference in belittling garbage people. If a man tells that he likes to dance and do ballet as hobby, many people laugh at him but do they know that this is very hard work and needs a lot of concentration and endurance? No, they have never tried it. They do not think they would enjoy it probably because they do not want to be the ones who are being laughed at for doing something different. I totally agree with the statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. It opens their mind and it gives them a different view and thinking about certain things. Maybe our world would be a little different if people more often would do things that they do not like!

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