Essay 145 Topic 16 Should a new restaurant be built in your neighborhood?
It is not strange that somebody will agree to this plan. They may think that it would be convenient to take breakfast or supper. But, if I hear of that there will be a restaurant built
in my neighborhood, I would definitely oppose the plan.

Among countless factors there is only one aspect that I would never stand, it is the noise. My family used to live beside a restaurant, I could never bear the noise any more. Every night, at about 3 am, they were importing material such as meat, rice and some other stuff that is used in restaurant. My whole family was woken up by the noise they made. Besides, during the daytime there were always lots of guests talking. And sometimes there were some drinkers shouting singing and maybe fighting. There goes the sleeping.
It is really a nightmare. The noise was everywhere all the time. For this single reason I would never support.
However here is another reason which is dirty surrounding. Whenever you went out of your house, there were only oil on the ground, used tissues and unfinished food everywhere in your eyes. All before your eyes was just a mess. You were bound to feel terrible. I do not want my house near a pile of garbage.
From my point of view, a family should offer us a clean place to live, a suitable condition to rest and a quiet room to study and work. In short, I would not support this plan.
Essay 146 Topic 16 Should a new restaurant be built in your neighborhood?
It has been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. After pondering this plan from several aspects, I totally support this plan. The reasons are presented below.
There is no denying that a new restaurant gives me more options to have dinner. I love delicious food. My family will go out for dinner at least once every week. And I often give a dinner for our friends. So a new restaurant is a new choice for us. I may try more and enjoy more. Building a new restaurant is a piece of good news for me.
Another reason why I support this plan is that a new restaurant is helpful to local economy. The new restaurant is required to pay taxes to the local government. The local government may use the money to serve the local people. At the mean time, a new restaurant will improve the local economical climate, which can attract more businessmen and more investment.
Finally, the plan can create more employment opportunities. The new restaurants and the new following enterprises the businessmen invest in need more employees. Most of the positions can be obtained by the local people, which can directly improve the living conditions of the local people.
Based on the above discussion, I support the plan to build a new restaurant in my neighborhood.

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