Essay 67 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
It is said that a large factory will be built near our community by a well-known company. Many people hold the opposite point of view that it will destroy the environment and economic structure of our community. However, I am sure that with a scientific and thorough plan this new factory will bring us many benefits.

Obviously the construction of a new factory will need a great deal of material and transportation. Thus there will be a great development of the transportation system that will definitely speed up the booming of the economy.
Also the construction and the running of the factory will create lots of job opportunities. Not only the local residents but also the neighborhood people will have more chances in the job market. Consequently, new workers and new residents will add fresh blood to our community and make it a vigorous one.
Some may dwell on the stereotype of how a factory will pollute the environment. But I may assure you that with the rule of law and the advances of technology, nowadays people have learned to build up a clean and silent industry with minimum influence on the environment. And the sophisticated control system will firmly supervise any outcome the industry brings.
To obtain development we should not fear the emergence of new things and changes, but embrace it while keep an eye on them. It is not wrong to be cautious, but more important, we should know how to make the benefits to the full while keep the drawbacks to the minimum.
Essay 68 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
In the discussion of whether we should accept the new large factory, there are two sides that each has their own reasons.
The prompters of the construction of new factory think that a large factory can bring our area more chances of developing and more job vacancies. The new factory will bring so many people with different cultures and thoughts here that we can enrich our horizon in the communication with them. It will help upgrade our life to a more modern one, in which there are fewer jobless people, and we can be more rich with the thriving of market and economy surrounding. It sounds really attractive to us.
But on the other hand, opponents bring forward their reasons. Along with all the progress the new factory may bring, many problems will appear. Such as deforestation, pollution
and overpopulation. The construction and operating of a new factory will use up our woods resource gradually. Shortage of residence and resource will appear when so much people flushing in our community. And another side effect of overpopulation is the raising of crime lever. But pollution is the most terrible thing. To think of we breathing the dirty and odorous air in and out everyday, our children swimming in the pools that contain poisonous water, and the trouble we will have to fall asleep at night because of the big noise. Is not that terrible? Furthermore, not only our life but also the ecological balance here is damaged and many animals and trees lose their living environment and become extinct in this area. Compared with the good things brought by the new factory, do these also sound attractive to us?
By analyzing all advantages and disadvantages listed above, my opinions is that we should not accept the new factory at the cost of our cherished forest, our ecological balance, our peaceful life, and our health. After all, they are all rarities we have now in our community, which cannot be restored once lost.
Essay 69 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
If a factory is built near my community, it would carry both advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion there are more disadvantages than advantages. Although Industrial growth brings prosperity and wealth, but at the same time increases pollution and insufficiency of available resources.
If a factory is built, it would increase the job opportunities for the community. People would have more chances to earn better livings. They would spend extra money on their families, send their children to good schools for better education, get better health care facilities and would have more money for recreation and enjoyment. These all in turn would increase their living standards. Extra money earned through these jobs, would be spent in other businesses that would improve the overall business of the community.
On the other hand factory would increase the environmental pollution, that would definitely affect the health of the community. This environmental pollution is the most common cause of respiratory diseases, dermatological diseases and cancers of different kinds. Factory attracts people from the neighborhood for jobs, this would increase the load on available resources of the community. There would be more competition for accommodations that would increase the rent and daily house hold things would be more expansive. There would be increased load on the public transportation and increased congestion of traffic on roads.
So over all there would be both advantages and disadvantages of building a factory. I am strongly against this plan, as I love my home town very much and want it to be as peaceful and clean as it is now.
Essay 70 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near our community. To be frank, I have mixed emotions about this.
Obviously, there are some advantages having such a factory nearby. For example, it can provides more job opportunities and many people may work in the factory. What is more, it also gives a good chance for the development of other business in our community such as shops, theatres and restaurants. Furthermore, the products the factory manufactures will improve our quality of living.
On the other hand, there are some disadvantages building a factory here. First, it will disturb the quiescence of our community. Once the factory is set up, a lot of people will rush into our community to work, and the road will get crowded. To transfer the raw materials the factory needs, there will be many trucks coming and going through the streets, and the noise will disturb residents and it is unsafe for our children who always play freely in the streets before.
Second, the factory will produce many waste products each day, and there will be much waste water coming out from the factory and it will pollute our rivers. We do not want to have to see hundreds and thousands tons of waste piled near our houses, and we do not want to see our nearby rivers turning into black dishes either.
After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I decide to oppose to set up such a factory near our community because we need quiet surrounding, blue sky and clean rivers.
Essay 71 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
Weather it is beneficial to build a large factory near our community is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate. Two different opinions obviously exist to support and to oppose. After pondering the opinions from several aspects, personally, I agree with the idea that it is beneficial to build a large factory near our community.
By comparing the advantage and disadvantage they will get, people judge which role they should hold. In my opinion, the advantage in this case is superior than the disadvantage. we can see it below.
The main reason for my propensity for the choice is that the factory will supply lots of employment opportunities for society, especially the people of the community nearby.
The unemployment will decrease and the people’s standard of living will increase in some degree. so, no doubt, people will accept the factory willingly and rapidly.
Another reason why I prefer to the statement lies in the fact that with the developing of the factory, many other establishments will be founded around it. These establishments will make the lives of the people of the community more convenient. For example, drugstores, restaurants, even hospital, new bus stop will be built up. People here will
enjoy the convenience the factory brings. It is undeniable that the factory will bring some problems, such as the noise, air pollution. Whatever, these disadvantages will be limited into a low level so that they cannot contaminate the environment of the community.
From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw the conclusion that it is beneficial to build a large factory near our community.
Essay 72 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
Many people think that the new factory will bring pollution, dirt and insecurity to our community. I admit that there are some disadvantages of this new influence. However, there are far more advantages that this new factory will bring to our community. Comparing those two different sides influence, I support this new plan. My reasons will illustrate as follows.
First of all, when a new factory is built up, it will provide us not only some workshops, but also more job opportunities. In our community, the unemployed people can find jobs in the factory. As the number of unemployment is reducing significantly, the environment will be safer, and our society will become more and more prosperous. Many residents’ salary in our community will rise due to the new factory, and the condition of our life will be well-developed.
Furthermore, as more and more people are settling down to our community because of the new factory, they have to be accommodated. More apartments and houses are going to build. Shopping malls, hospitals, and schools are necessary to construct. For the residents in our community, we do not need to go to downtown to go shopping and go to other health canter to see doctors. It is more convenient for us to live in this community.
In addition to those, our community is going to have a bigger contribution towards our society due to the prosperity of our community. It is obvious that our community will hasten the development of the economy in our society. As the society and country becoming better and better, our community can get a lot of benefits from it.
If we can control the pollution through the legislation and laws, and minimize the bad influence and effects, our community will definitely get a lot of advantages from this new factory. So in a word, I strongly support this new factory, which is going to build in our community.
Essay 73 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
Whether a new factory in our neighborhood should be constructed or not is a controversial issue among people in our community. Some people think that constructing a new factory is dangerous for our town. On the other hand, other people argue that the new factory would be benefit for our community. I support the idea that a factory should be built in our community because there are a lot of advantages such as more jobs
opportunities, the development of our community in many aspects, and a higher life style in our neighborhood.
Nowadays, the rate of unemployment is high in our community because the shortage of businesses. With the building of a new factory, a great number of people will find a wide variety of job opportunities. Moreover, the factory attracts after it the development of the infrastructures, the appearance of other businesses such as stores, coffee shops, the construction of new roads, and so on. Not only will people who work in the factory benefit from the construction of the new factory, but also will all residents. For example, when a factory was built in my town, because it required a constant debit of water, the owner of the factory changed the principal pipes that provide water to entire population of our town. With all those, the life style in our community increased.
A new factory will bring flowering to our city. The taxes collected not only from the factory and its workers, but also from the other businesses that were created along the factory, will increase the revenue of our city. As a consequence, the community will thrive, and schools, hospitals, places for children and other facilities can be finally constructed.
The factory brings with it not only benefits, but also some drawbacks as air pollution, water pollution and noise. However, with a rigorous care and the use of new technology, which was created to eliminate pollution and maintain the noise level between normal limits, we can maintain a pollution free environment as was before the building of the factory.
To sum up, the construction of the new factory will bring prosperity, new jobs, and more money from taxes to improve the life style in our community. Air, water, and noise pollution can be kept under control to a minimum level. Taking into consideration all these factors, the best solution for our community is to sustain the construction of a new factory. I hope everybody will understand how important for our community this factory is.
Essay 74 Topic 5 Should a factory be built in your community?
I came from a small village and we do not have any factories or other employment opportunities in my community. People completely depend on cultivation for their livelihood. Some times lack of rains or because of floods they loose their crops and the whole community scare for the food. Even though there are some disadvantages, by keeping in mind the advantages I support the idea of building a factory near my community.
Depending on what kind of factory it is, there are some disadvantages like pollution, noise and wastage dumping. The whole surroundings will lost its quietness and peacefulness. There is an increased traffic on the roads. We see so many strangers in the community and it may cause some insecurity. Some times there is a possibility of
accidents in the factory. But we can avoid all these disadvantages by taking certain measures.
When we come to the advantages there are many advantages. Mainly people will get lot of job opportunities. The property value will increase. The employees will need houses for their living, so people can use their houses for renting. The community people can do different things like starting some hotels and shops. The factory people will develop the whole community surroundings like starting some new schools, roads, housing colonies, electricity, transportation and water supply like things. All these works will provide some livelihood to the community people. We can see a lot of development in the whole area.
So I think even though there are some disadvantages, by taking the advantages into measure I support the idea of building a factory near my community.
Essay 75 Topic 6 What would you change about your hometown?
If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some useful and advanced facilities for its use. A modern library, an advanced broad band system and a modern gym may bring a lot of changes to people living in my hometown and keep them up with the latest information and technology.
In my opinion, a modern library in my hometown can provide a good environment for the local people to study and upgrade themselves. There are a lot of newspapers, magazines and reference books for their use. They can know what happened around the world and keep up with the fast-pace of today’s world. “Knowledge is strength”. Knowledge can guide us to overcome problems we face in our daily life.
To popularize the use of broadband cable system at homes enables people to get a quick access to the Internet and TV channels. Because of the Internet, our lives have been changed a lot. We can read news, shopping, chat with our friends, send pictures to anyone and watch the movies online. People can also have a lot of choices over TV programs offered through a broadband. A pay-per-view system provides different types of movie for you to choose from. People will have more choices to enjoy life and the advanced technology at home.
Besides learning and entertaining, we also need to do exercises to keep a healthy life.
This is the reason why I want to build a modern gym in my hometown. Through exercises such as swimming, jogging, playing tennis, people can enhance their immune systems and enjoy life fully. Furthermore, people can develop positive attitudes towards life by doing exercises. This is really important.
In summary, I want my hometown to be a city equipped with a modern library, an advanced broadband system and a modern gym. I would people in my hometown have advanced knowledge, use advanced technology and home and lead a healthy life.
Essay 76 Topic 6 What would you change about your hometown?
Among the diverse aspects that I want to improve about my hometown is the natural environment: make air as clean as before and water as limpid as glass and reduce as much pollution as possible.
In the past,as I remember clearly as a child, the sky was azure and the rivers and lakes were so clear that people can see the fish swimming freely in them. However, all has been changed since the modernization of cities. Factories have been releasing industrial waste into the clean rivers and lakes without proper disposal and automobiles have given out harmful gas into the air without limitation. People haven not realized that they are sacrificing the indispensable natural environment for industrialization and modernization. Therefore, the improvement of natural environment will make my hometown become more beautiful in the future.
Improving the natural environment will make people happier and healthier. People need not wear antiseptic mask because of the dirty air and drink filtrated mineral water owing to the polluted water. They need not worry about the increasing number of people who have died from lung diseases. Instead, they can breeze aromatic fresh air not only at home but also on the streets. They can cool themselves with their relatives and friends joyfully under shadowy green trees. They are free from worry because of the gradual decrease in all kinds of diseases caused by pollution
As a famous tourist city, the city of Zhenzhou generated majority of its revenues from tourism. In fact, in the past twenty years tourism has contributed to the flourishing economy. However, in recent years many manufacture companies have established factories in the city and these companies have created many jobs for people but at the same time have damaged the natural environment by producing much air and water pollution. Companies face little pollution control regulation as the city sacrifices the natural environment for industrial modernization. Excessive chemical waste released from factories combined with unlimited carbon dioxide discharged from automobiles has resulted in filthy air and smelly water. Today sky is no longer as blue and the water is no longer as clean. Tourists are less willing to travel to the city which delays the progress of tourism. The consequence is the dramatic reduction of tourism revenues for the city government. In order to regain the prosperity of tourism and the economy, there is an urgent need to improve the natural environment of the city. The government should reorganize its strategy as we strongly believe that a balance of modernization and clean environment can be reached.
In summary, I believe that improving the natural environment of my hometown will contribute to the flourishing economy by increase tourism. In addition, people would live happier and healthier in a clean environment.

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