Essay 200 Topic 25 Should a new shopping center be built in your neighborhood?
I certainly support that a large shopping center be built in my neighborhood because it will bring us a lot of convenience. It will certainly beautify our neighborhood. And it will also increase our employment opportunities.

If there is a large shopping center nearby, I am sure that almost all of my neighbors will be happy. At present, when I buy groceries I need to drive my car to the superstore and other stores for over 10 kilometers and spend almost one hour to fill my refrigerator every three days. It is really a chore to me. If there is a shopping center just a stone’s throw, I can go there on foot. Then I do not need to drive my car to buy a lot of groceries at a time; moreover, I can save gas and time. When I walk there, it just like that I am taking exercise. I will feel very good to go shopping.
My region will be more beautiful because of this center. The large shopping center will be a beautiful building because the owner of the building will make it gorgeous by every possible way to attract customers. No one would like shopping a dirty, ugly store and the owner of the large shopping center certainly knows it. When the customers walk around, the beauty of the building and upholstery appeals to them; therefore, they will walk slower and buy more stuff.
The large shopping center will certainly need a lot of staff to work for them. It will increase the employment opportunities of the nearby people. I am sure that there are more advantages which I have not mentioned about establishing a large shopping center in my neighborhood. So, I will welcome it in an enthusiastic way and I will persuade my neighbors to support my opinion also. Then the large shopping center will have a good business because there are so many nearby patrons already.
Essay 201 Topic 25 Should a new shopping center be built in your neighborhood?
Before I start discussing whether I support or oppose the building of a new restaurant in my area, I have to introduce my neighborhood. My neighborhood can be best described as a poor one. This is not only because the income of the people in my neighborhood is low, but also because there is no adequate distribution of education. Now let me raise a question; what good can a restaurant do to my neighborhood? The implications of the answers I give may not hold for other neighborhoods.
Since a restaurant most probably would not require advanced education, the building of a restaurant would open many job opportunities. In relation to this, since these opportunities are available to only those who know how to cook, it would initiate many people to inquire knowledge from local teachers or friends. Eventually, it is inevitable that the opportunities will close up. But this would rather make the people look for more jobs elsewhere. Therefore we can say that the restaurant will influence people to work hard.
Form an individual point of view; the restaurant will help everyone and specially those who cannot prepare their own food for different reasons. Many individuals may not have the time or know how of preparing their own food. If an individual is helped by the restaurant in such a way that he does not have to waste his precious time, then he would start using his time effectively, hence, he would benefit himself and the society.
In conclusion, the building of the restaurant in my neighborhood would increase our proficiency. Skilled manpower will proliferate as a consequence of the courage and determination the restaurant pts forth by encouraging education and helping individuals.
Essay 202 Topic 26 Should a new movie theater be built in your neighborhood?
It has been announced that a new movie theater may be built in my neighborhood. After pondering this plan from several aspects, I totally support this plan. The reasons are presented below.
There is no denying that a new movie theater gives me more options to see movies. I am a movie fan. Watching movies is one of my favorite hobbies. Movies cover stories happening among all kinds of people everywhere in the world. Movies offer great variety of contents to satisfy different needs and tastes. I can learn a lot about life while enjoying nice music and beautiful views. I at least go to theater once a week. So a new movie theater is a new choice for me. Since there is no good theater in my neighborhood, I have to drive to the nearby town to watch movies. A new movie theater will enhance the living conditions in my neighborhood. With the new built theater, I could enjoy my movies more conveniently.
Another reason why I support this plan is that a new movie theater is helpful to the local economy. For one thing, a new movie theater is supposed to pay taxes to the local government. The local government may use the money to improve the local economic climate. Besides, a new movie theater will attract more businessmen and investments.
Finally, a new movie theater can create more employment opportunities. A new movie theater and the following new enterprises need more employees. Most of the positions can be obtained by the local people, which can directly enhance the living levels in my neighborhood.
Based on the above discussion, I support the plan to build a new movie theater in my neighborhood. I expect the day when I can enjoy more wonderful movies in my neighborhood.
Essay 203 Topic 26 Should a new movie theater be built in your neighborhood?
It has recently been announced that a new movie theatre may be built in my neighborhood. However, as far as I am concerned, I do not support this plan. The argument of my view goes as follows:
To begin with, people seldom go out to watch movie nowadays. With the development of science and technology, people have a lot of methods to enjoy themselves. They can watch TV at home, go to watch the soccer game, play basketball and so on. In my hometown, fewer and fewer choose to watch movie in a theater. They prefer to watch movie on TV at home, which is more comfortable.
In addition, I think there are enough theatres now. As I know, it is only fifteen minutes’ walk between the two theaters in my community. As a result, it is obvious unnecessary to build the third one. If we do build another theatre, the average persons per theater will decrease, which makes every theater earns less money.
Last but not least, it is, to some degree, a waste of money. Nowadays, we must use money in quite a number of fields. For instance, there is only one primary school here. It takes some children half an hour to go to school from their home. If we can build another school instead of the theatre, students will spend less time on their way, which is safer because there are many buses and cars on the road.
In conclusion, it must be explained that these three reasons sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole and thus become more persuasive than any one of them. Then any thinking person must agree that it is not necessary to build a movie theatre.

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