Essay 99 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
Which one will you chose to live in, a small town or a big city? Many people have their own opinions. After pondering it from several aspects, personally, I prefer living in a small town. The reason is that the beautiful landscape, little pollution and leisure of the life which can be found in a small town attract me.

In a small town,there are many beautiful types of scenery. unlike the city, in which we can only see the roads, the skyscrapers and the factories, we can see the different beauty in a small town. For example, there is a small town named Wu town in our country. It is famous for his original wooden building.
Another reason for my propensity for living in a small town is that there is no pollution there. The air is fresh in the small town. When we walk alone a river, we can see the bottom of the river, even some fish in it. Living in this place is beneficial to our health.
So, obviously, I should chose a good environment to live in.
Finally I want to mention that living in a small town, I don’t need to encounter the sharp competition that is placed in front of the people living in a big city. I can enjoy the leisure of the lives. There are many things,fishing or planting flowers, I can do. From those things, I get pleasure and feel so happy.
From what we discussed above, we can see that living in a small is really attracting. People living there can get more benefit than that living in a big city. Then, no doubt, I prefer to live in a small town.
Essay 100 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
Upon the question which is better, living in big cities or in small towns, people have different opinions about it. Living in big cities has its advantages, but at the same time, there are many disadvantages, too. From my point of view, I would prefer to live in a small town.
Firstly, a small town is a good place to live in. The air is clean and fresh and there is no need to worry about the space for outdoor exercise. Housing is no problem. Not only can we own a home of our own, one can also afford a garden in which he can grow flowers and vegetables. This means recreation on the one hand and physical exercise on the other.
In addition, living in a small town, one can get the warm friendship and care everywhere. When you walk out, you can always meet friends and chat with them freely and delightfully. If you are ill your neighbor can help you at any time and smoothes your pain. In contrast to this, living in big cities many people are strangers. You cannot tell other people what you are thinking and no one would like to spend a lot of time listening to you. Life is just like a one-man steered small boat in the sea.
On the other hand, everyone knows that on a large city there are competitions and tensions as well as opportunities. Nowadays, with the development pf rapid transportation and telecommunication, moving from place to place, or getting information from outside, either in a big city or a small town, has become easy. Many above­mentioned difficulties will disappear if you live in a small town. One can also easily get medical help from other cities and snap information through television and Internet.
People even could work at home without going to office. That will reduce a lot of time traditionally wasted on the way of going to office and avoid traffic jams and air pollution. It is really getting twice the results with half the effort.
In sum, a small town is clean, quiet and comfortable, and this is attractive to me. Therefore, I prefer to live in a small town.
Essay 101 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
Choosing a place to live is an important decision in everyone’s life. In fact, the conditions of the place one lives have direct effects on his or her life. Some people prefer to live in a big city. Others would rather live in a small town. There are advantages and disadvantages about both group’s opinion that in this essay I am going to discuss them. First, let us elaborate the opinion of the group who prefer to live in a big city. These people assert that there are a lot of facilities in a bog city that make life easier and more comfortable. Fore example, there are more social amenities and public services; such as public transportation, public hygienic services, etc. Another thing is educational and working opportunities that that are undoubtedly more various in a large city. Also, there are a lot of facilities of entertainment and cultural activities such as cinemas, theatres, concerts, etc that is more found in such cities. Furthermore, you can find more expert doctors and hospitals in a large city that is so considerable particularly in case a disease occurs. As a result this group prefers to live in a big city.
In contrast, there are people who would rather exist in a small town. These people point out that although there are a lot of facilities in big cities, you face so many problems in such cities, too. For instance, as these kinds of cities are so crowded, heavy traffic is a ubiquitous phenomenon in them which makes life so stressful. This may also lead to air pollution. So people in big cities are threatened both mentally and physically. Moreover, the crime rate is much higher in big cities, and also life is too expensive in cities like that. But, in a small town you can have a calm and healthy life without any stress far from the crowd of the city. You can breathe natural air without any pollution and happily beside the nature.
Personally, I would rather live in a big city than a small town. Although some of the second group’s opinions, mentioned above, seems to be right, but I believe that living in a small town is so boring and monotonous. Also, as stated above, educational opportunities are limited in such cities, and finally there are not many chances for finding a desirable job that is a serious problem itself. That’s why I find a big city a more comfortable and desirable place to live.
Essay 102 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern, we find that some people hold the idea of living in a small town meanwhile others refer to living a big city. From my point of view, it is more advisable to choose living in a big city rather than
living in a small town. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.
The main reason for my propensity is that it is convenient in transportation and shopping in a big city. In a small town, you have to own a car to ensure a comfortable living. You cannot get around without one because there is not any kind of public transportation. But in a big city, An advanced public transportation can easily take you to anywhere corner.
It is not free, but it is often cheaper than driving when you consider gas and time. Especially if you do not have a car, you are better off in the city. There are all kinds of shopping centers in a big city. You can get any different thing without going abroad. For example, If you like Japanese cosmetic and French delicious food, You can get what you want in a multifunctional center without going Japan and France. You cannot imagine these in a small town.
Another reason why I advocate the attitude of living a big city is the diversity of the people. Toronto is made up of people of different races, religious, abilities and interests. You can to enrich your life experience from all kinds of highly educated people.
However, you seldom find such a variety of people in a small town. I think that living in an area where everyone was just like me could quickly become boring.
The argument I support in the first paragraph is also in a position of advantage because there is a wide assortment of big libraries for studies, several different museums for visit, and numerous cinemas, theaters and centers for entertainment These things are rare in a small town.
In a word, To live in a big city or a small town is something of a dilemma to the public they sometimes are confused by the seeming good qualities of living in a small town such as a fresh air, and neglect the genuinely good aspects of living in a big city. For the reason present above, I strong commit to the notion of living in a big city but not a small town.
Essay 103 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
Some people like to live in a small town, because they think a small town is safe, peaceful and beautiful. They enjoy the fresh air and limpid water of a small town. However, in my opinion, I prefer to live in a big city. Because big city has more advanced and complete facilities of education, and a big city has more opportunity for career. Furthermore, a big city has more various entertainment facilities.
First, as a young student, the most important thing for me is achieving my education. If I live in a big city, I can reach all these advanced educational facilities. For example, the public library of a big city has more books than one of a small town, and it often has all kinds of taps or videos, and has many computers available to Internet. In addition, there are many museums, exhibitions in a big city. I can expand my knowledge thought them.
Second, a big city has more opportunities for my career. There are many factories and
firms in all kinds of fields, especially in high-tech field. Since I am a student of computer science, of course, I prefer to live in a big city.
Finally, a big city has all kinds of entertainment facilities, such as dance bar, club, KTV. Every young people hope to have a various social life. In a big city, they will have more choice to spend their spare time, and they can know more people who come from different culture or background.
Based on all these reasons and details, I think a big city is more attractive than a small town, especially for young people. So I would live in a big city rather than a small town.
Essay 104 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
To live in a small town, or live in a big city, this is a question for many people. Without a doubt, both sides have advantages and disadvantages. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to live in a small town. The reasons are given below.
The most important reason is that the prices of houses in a small town are cheaper than those in a big city. For example, 2200 square feet house in the Town of Ajax only costs about CDN$25,000 while the same size house in Toronto costs above CDN$35,000. As a new immigrant, I do not have enough money to buy an ideal house in the big city. In a small town, I can use the same amount of money to buy a bigger and more beautiful house.
Another reason is that I love the fresh air and the quiet environment in a small town. In fact, there are fewer people in a small town than in a big city. As a result, the number of vehicles in a small town must be smaller than in a big city. Therefore, the poisonous gas from these vehicles must be less, and the air must be fresher as well. In addition, there are not much factories in a small town, thus the noises and exhaust gas are less.
However, there are more working opportunities and better public transportation system in a big city than in a small town. But in my personal situation, I believe that my husband and I can get a job everywhere. Moreover, because we have a car, we can drive to anywhere to do shopping or affairs.
In a word, in spite of the fact that there may be a couple of disadvantages to live in a small town, I feel that the advantages are more important for me. I can spend less money on buying a house and enjoy the quiet environment and fresh air. Taking into account of all above factors, I would like to live in a small town.
Essay 105 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
It is true that some people prefer to live in a small town while others prefer to live in a big city. Since I am a student and since my educational institutes were situated in big cities, it became a necessity for me to be a part of these cities. This may not be the case when my
academic demands will be over and entirely depends on the circumstances. I would like to further illustrate my reasons as follows
No one would deny the fact that it is the need that forces a person to choose his area of preference for staying. In this era where there is much competition to achieve the very best every parent would love to be in a big city because the benefits which they derive from such a place would be much more than what a small town can offer. First priority will be for a better job, that too in a reputed firm which can offer them high salary to meet their demands. Such institutions or firms will definitely be in a big city and hence they would prefer being there. Moreover they will be in a position to look for better areas of work which might not be possible if they are in a small town. In my case, my father is working in a reputed Medical College in Kerala and his work has definitely influenced our stay in a big city like Trivandrum.
Second priority will be their children’s education which has now become an inevitable part. Big cities can provide them with the best educational facilities like schools, colleges, tuition centers, coaching classes for competitive exams, academic counseling centers etc which might not be present in a small town. I would not say that small towns do not have schools or colleges but the wide array of facilities that a big city can offer might not be available in a small town. Coming to my case, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the facilities that a city could provide. During my schooling, I used to go by bus which is the cheapest mode of transportation in our city. Moreover I could benefit myself from the tuition classes and coaching centers and also I came to know about the different opportunities that a student has in front of him. Because of all that I could get an admission Post graduation in a Deemed University in Mumbai and now I am again enjoying the nicer aspects of life. I would like my children also to enjoy the beauty and life of big cities.
Next thing which I find very important is the fast and efficient communication facilities in big cities. The Internet cafes and other related places where one can easily access is really a boon to the people of big cities. This is one way by which we can communicate with the rest of the world and browse the recent developments and happenings which is not only interesting but also informative Its not that they are not present in small towns, but the adequate numbers and the availability of such places according to our convenience is a matter of importance. Being a science student, I was fascinated by the bundles of information that is in store in the different websites and I am happy that I know how to access and make use of such knowledge we gain from them.
There are also problems when we talk of big cities, like pollution, shortage of living space etc which might not be a matter of fact in small towns. Moreover it is believed that those who stay in small towns have better knowledge of their neighbors and they would help each other in times of necessity. In big cities, where people do not have time to work or sleep, they are least bothered about their neighbors and their problems.
Once my educational period is over, I might have to stay in a small town, or in a big city.
As I have already mentioned the preference of stay is decided by a large number of factors. In this world, where everyone is busy after their work to lead a better life, I personally feel that a persons preference depends on his need, his/her attitude towards that place, the benefits that he/she receives and last but not the least, personal satisfaction and mental peace. Of course we cannot deny the fact that certain problems are associated with both big cities as well as small towns. I have always been benefited by living in big cities, but would not mind to live in a small town if situation demands. So, I would rather conclude by highlighting the point that it is not the place that matters but its our way of living that helps us to be a better person which in turn makes our place a better place to live in.

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