Essay 154 Topic 18 Important qualities of a good supervisor
On the general basis, people are bound to work harder and better, when they are subjected to a supervisor (boss). Without a boss everything inside may become disordered; they will create a total disaster. As a result their work will be left undone. Therefore the presence of a supervisor (boss) is crucial in maintaining the order and propriety of the work. The supervisor can be vaguely compared to the queen of Honey Bees. In order to be good, this supervisor must fulfill a set of qualities. These are the qualities that evaluate his capability and effectiveness.

A good boss should be able to set a working environment, which is conducive for the workers. He has a responsibility of fulfilling the necessities of the workers. If the boss could do all these, the workers would be glad to work with him and that is the main theme of worker-boss relationship. Here, the working conditions are the limiting factors and a good boss would know what to do with them in order to establish a good relationship with the workers. This can be considered as one important quality.
The behaviors of the boss constitute another quality. The workers are highly influenced by the demeanors of the boss. Therefore the boss must be sociable, moderate in his authoritativeness and highly disciplined. The boss must be sociable so that he could cooperate with and organize the workers for professional and non-professional reasons. His authoritative behavior could play an important role in hindering their work, if it is excessive. Furthermore his discipline must be good enough for the workers to like him. That is, he must do his job appropriately.
In conclusion, the boss is the one who controls the ongoing working situation. He has the capability to take corrective measures when laws of the office are broken. He could also fire as well as hire workers. Therefore, he is highly revered by the workers. But for one to be a good boss, his relationship with the workers should not be based only on reverence. There must be a “working together happily” attitude between them. The qualities I stated above would induce such an attitude between the boss and the workers. But in general, a good boss is the one who tries as much as he could for the good of the workers
Essay 155 Topic 18 Response to Topic 18
Nowadays, most of the employed people don’t have their own private business, and are under the control of a particular person, their supervisor. Most of these people are not satisfied with their boss’s characteristics and attitude towards his/her employees. But what are actually the most important qualities a boss should have? First of all, I think that a good supervisor should be able to organize the people working for him and the work which has to be done among them. This is very important because if everybody does what he/she wants, everything would go chaotic. A supervisor should never let something like this happen, because disorganization leads to failure of him/her as a supervisor and of the company as a result. Second, the boss should be a specialist in his field. This is also crucial to the success of a business, because if the supervisor is not well informed or educated, he wouldn’t be aware of his workers’ actions. And is it possible for a person to be a supervisor if he doesn’t know and understand what his employees are doing? Such person would only be fit to sit on a desk in an office and drink coffee, because he won’t be able to do anything else. Finally, in my opinion, a supervisor should refer to his employees as friends. The atmosphere in which the people are working is very important to the company’s success. That’s why the boss shouldn’t be harsh with them all the time, but refer to them friendly. On the other hand however, if the supervisor is too familiar with the workers they wouldn’t have so much respect to him, which is also important. In brief, I think that the most important characteristics that define a good boss are the ability to organize people, considerable knowledge in his/her field of business and a friendly, but not too familiar attitude towards his/her employees. A person with such qualities would be a great leader of a successful company, although there are some other factors that are important for its success.

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