Essay 85 Topic 7 How do movies or TV affect people?
For decades, television had played a very important role in our life. It had changed our living and entertaining way in a great way, and I believe that it had also influenced our behavior, both for the better and for the worse. Firstly, movies and television make us more violent.

We are being accustomed the violent scenes on the movies where there are brutal and icy faces with killing machines in their hands. We are also forgetting that killing someone is permanent, because the actors that were killed in a film can come back for another movie. And finally, have you ever imagined that you were Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “Terminator” when you watch that film? Secondly, movies and television are making us less active. We think that movies and television contain everything so we do not have to go out to chat or play games with our friends. Staying in and watching television for a long time can seriously damage us, both mentally and physically. Watching movies is passive. We receive everything that the director gives to us. Some of them may be good, some may be bad but the most important thing is we will lose our imaginary ability. And we may act like the actors on the movie. On the contrary, we cannot oppose that television has good influence to us. There are good movies that can make us change our prejudices of something like “racial dividing”. Even education programs can help us behave more graciously and wisely. Moreover, by watching movies, we can temporarily escape from our problems and that will help you reduce your stress. Anyway, television and movies have their strong influence to our behavior. Whether the influence is good or bad depends on how long we watch them, what we watch and how we respond to them because everything is advantageous in a way and disadvantageous in another.
Essay 86 Topic 7 How do movies or TV affect people?
Ever since movies and television appear in our lives, they gained great popularity. Nowadays, movies and television have become a major means of relaxation. Along with their prevalence is the influence they have on people’s behavior, not only negative but also positive effects.
First of all, movies and television make people less active. Watching films is a passive activity. Thus, if we watch too much, we would lose our imagination and we become mentally unhealthy. Then mental laziness becomes physical laziness: we would like to watch sports on TV than to the participant; we would like to chat with somebody on Internet than to socialize with neighbors; we would like to stay in bed on sunny weekend that to go out for a walk.
Beside, movies and television make people violent. The more violent programs we watch, the less sensitive we become. Eventually, we no longer regard violent behaviors wrong; indeed, we even commit violence acts ourselves. The affect of violence on children is more conspicuous, which could be justified by the high criminal rate of youth. As a consequence, more and more people are on their way to urge government to ban violent programs.
Of course, movies and television do have same positive effects on people behavior. By giving us a broad window of the world, they play an essential role in broad our horizon. Nowadays, there are countless film and TV series concerning each field in science, social science and humanity. These instructive films and programs open door to us, providing us a sea of information. If there were no such films and programs, we would not have gained knowledge of custom of other nations, we would not have accepted the concept of planned economy and we would not have learned up-to-date technologies.
Another advantage that movies and television bring us is that they relax us. After a long day at study or work, I need a break. Watching a film, I could forget all trouble of the day. After a film, I feel I get ready to go back to my studies.
All in all, the influence of movies and television is profound and essential. We should realize that while they bring us disadvantages, they provide us more and more advantages.

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