Essay 87 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
Through the years, television has become increasingly important in our lives, so some people hold the opinion that television has destroyed communication with each other, but others have a negative attitude. As far as I am concerned, I deem television can build up rather than destroy our friendly relations.

The main reason for my propensity for my favor on television is that it can make us realize and adapt to the needs of society. Most people live in their individual circles all day. How is a person conscious of what happened in the world? I can say television is the best implement, because of its faster transmission speed than newspapers, more visual effect than radios, more economical consumption than network. Moreover, the
knowledge acquired from television also benefits the association with each other. For example, by watching an interview program, we can learn the way of getting along with people from a successful personage.
In addition, watching television makes us have time or chances to accompany our family. If we went out to play or have social intercourse after work, there would be little time to keep with them. Contrarily, we can chat with parents, children or the lover, and share our troubles and joys as we watch programs together to relax, which can effectively promote the family relationship.
Admittedly, some people are destroying themselves by watching television so much, which may cut them off from the real world little by little. After all, what television gives us are second-hand experiences, so we should go out into the world along with watching television in an appropriate degree, and spend a holiday with the family once in a while by the sea or in the mountains, far away from civilization.
All in all, it is not easy to take a clear-cut position on such a controversial issue. But taking into account of all the factors that I have discussed in the above analysis, I believe that watching television benefits the communication with each other.
Essay 88 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
One of the most famous inventions in 20th century is television and nowadays we cannot deny its influence to our life. There is a common question that has television destroyed communication among friends and family? I personally believe that television has not destroyed communication among friends and family. In this essay I try to explain my opinion with some reasons.
First of all, television is the most common media which is found in each home. It is faster than newspaper to tell the news, more economical than Internet to access information. Television not only is an enjoyable device for everyone but also joins family members together and brings them good time, for example they can talk about their favorite actor or actress, watching football and betting on their favorite player.
Another reason is that these days people are very busy with their works and have not enough time to go cinema and theater instead television provides for them this chance to have a similar one. Moreover, nowadays towns have become more and more crowded and people do not know each other, while television builds a smallest town with its famous faces and interesting programs.
The last but not the least, in this century human put satellites in the spatial circuits and with relationship between each television set with these satellites the entire world can become unit. In the other words, we can be informed about world news in one second.
Thus, with the above statements that I mentioned, I still believe that television has built a
uniform world that let us be aware from all things about it rather than it destroyed communication between us.
Essay 89 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
Too much of anything is bad. Even if you eat excess sweet it tastes bitter. Watching television is also like that. It is true that television has brought enormous changes in our lives. Even though there are some disadvantages, but it is very superficial saying television has destroyed communication among friends and family.
Television is one of the greatest technology inventions. We are getting a lot of knowledge and entertainment from it. It is one of the most powerful media in the public. People are using television as a classroom in long distance courses. The quizzes, scientific channels like history, travel and discovery, debates, interviews are very helpful to the students.
Live news coverage through out the world is amazing.
It is also one of the greatest entertainments in our lives. In my house we are all watch a nice movie or a comedy program together. In our busy lives it is giving us an opportunity to sit together, talk and laugh with each other. When we have a football match, base ball game or a cricket match, watching the live game is not possible for every one of us. So live telecast of the game is giving us an opportunity to watch the game with our friends and family members. It is really fun inviting our friends or going to friend’s houses to watch a game or movie together. One-way it is giving us an opportunity to arrange get together.
Too much watching and addiction is obviously not good. In everywhere there is some exploitation, so viewers may need some discrimination about the programs what they can watch or what not. If we can use the television in a proper way it is not true saying television has destroyed communication among friends and family.
Essay 90 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
We often hear some parents complain that their children spend hours before the little television screen, ignoring their study, outdoors activities and even their family. These kids are indifferent to nearly everything including communication with their friends and family. So I totally agree with the statement that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. The reasons are presented below.
There is no denying that television has shortened the time we spend on communication with friends and family. Now there are so many long series of players. Once you see the first series, you cannot tear yourself away from the play. The result is you spend more and more time on television. Consequently you spend less and less time on communication with friends and family.
Another reason why I agree with the statement is that television is of no use to communication skills. Television is an one-way communication. You watch it, but you do not respond to it or communicate with it. That is to say, you cannot improve your communication skills by television.
Finally, television is especially harmful to children when it comes to communication with friends and family. The example I given at the beginning of this article demonstrates the reason fully. Children are not mature enough to control their behavior. Parents should lead them in the correct direction. Parents encourage them to participate in outdoors activities with their friends.
Based on the above discussion, I agree with the opinion that television has destroyed communication among friends and family.
Essay 91 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
Television has been invented in the 20th century. In the beginning only a few people have had a chance to keep a TV set in their homes, but now almost every family has a TV set. The TV set itself has been developed, from black and white small screen to 23 inches colored screens. I completely disagree that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. In this essay I will give some arguments supporting this idea. One of the most obvious arguments is that nowadays people are very busy and after hard work day they need calm relaxation and fun. They watch their favorite films and serials with their family and friends, they laugh and have a lot of fun together, which unites them.
Another reason is that towns have become more and more crowded and people do not know each other. It is true that in those inadequate conditions it is very hard to make friends. As a rule television is full of actors, actresses and musicians which everyone knows. In this way television provides people mutual “acquaintances”, whose appearance and performance could be discussed among people. Consequently that makes communication among friends easy and enjoyable.
Last but not least, sometimes the members of a family are away from each other and they haven’t got the chance to share special events from their life. For example, one of the parents is on a business trip abroad for a long time and during that time his/her child has a birthday party. His/her family could record this special occasion on a cassette, so that the parent could watch it when he/she comes back home.
In conclusion, television is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. By its good influence on people, television helps friends and family to become more united.
Essay 92 Topic S Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
Nowadays television is a kind of major media for people to kill their free time. It is a common phenomenon that many people will probably choose watching television after dinner, instead of making a telephone with their friends or having a chat with their families. Therefore, television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Here are my reasons for this.
For the first reason, people just receive passively while watching television, they are watching without thinking. So it is easy for people to get involved in the programs that people lost themselves gradually, they forget the existence of their families and friends. People spend much more time watching television than communicating with their families and friends. So television does no good to the communication, it even destroyed it.
Another important reason is that people take it for grant that watching television is a necessity in their daily life, while they do not ever think that communication among friends and families is as such important. For example, people watch television news at exactly the same time everyday. It is ok to get to know what had happened during the day, but on the opposite, do not they pay too much attention on the television programs? Not to mention television series. People eager to know what will happen in the television series, but they cannot remember paying attention to their families and friends.
Although television is an important kind of media for people to know more, to learn more, to get well informed, it does destroyed the communication for the reasons that mentioned. Television is a kind of communication device, but it takes the place of communication among friend and family.
Essay 93 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
While television has been somewhat harmful in its effects, it has hardly ‘destroyed’ communication among friends and family, although for some people, the assertion that television has destroyed communication among friends and family seems true.
Television, invented in last century, with its wide availability, increasingly prosperous programs, has becomes one of the most powerful means of communication in history, and is more and more difficult to ignore. Television is as much a part of our life as are our meals, work, or school; studies consistently show that the average American child spends almost as much time in watching television as does he in school. We all have only 24 hours a day and it is clear that the more time one spends in watching television, the less time one does with his or her family and friends. Hence we see the passage in the newspaper or magazine titled “Television took my husband away from me. ”
Tempting as such a claim might be, it is hardly true. It is not television took her husband away from her, but the increasing pressures of modern life did it. We have no definite evidence to say people nowadays endure more pressures than did their counterparts in the past, but it is absolutely true that people nowadays undergo great pressures that come
from various directions, including work, school, economy, and so forth. Investigations show that today a bachelor degree may no longer guarantee a well paid job, more and more companies post their want ads claiming that applicants must have at least master degrees, which take two or three years longer.
In a word, people nowadays have very little time for anything; television is merely among many other factors that affect communication, and is definitely not the main cause of degradation. On the other hand, there really are many people addictive to television. But the fact is, were television not existent, surely these people would have found other escapes, such as alcohol or gambling, for example. In other words, people always find a way to do what they want to do. Therefore, I do not agree that television has destroyed communication among friends and family.
Essay 94 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
Television occupies our spare time and lets us known what is going around the world or the latest medical and technological developments all over the world. However, it can harm us in many different ways.
First of all, people will become lazy by watching TV and want to spend most of their times in front of the screen. Moreover, they will lose their interests to enjoy other activities such as parks, theatres, museums, etc.
As a result of that, watching television will become the only thing that can entertain them, and it will not allow them to read books or communicate with friends and families.
In addition, TV becomes the boss and we have to regulate our time with our favorite programs. While watching the program, which are we interested in, one prefers to be quite, just concentrate on the program and inviting other to silence. This makes the person to be indifferent toward his or her environment, family and friend. This can damage the communication among friends and family members.
The last thing, which can harm us, is children. They can get harmful influences by watching violence shows on television. This can have bad influences on them, for they are not old enough to understand many things and realize whether they are right things for them to do them or not. The only thing younger generation likes to do is to follow their heroes, to act like them or to talk like them. These shows after a long time make them not to obey they parents any more. Furthermore, they might want to show off in front of their friends,so sometimes something bad may happen between them.
In conclusion, if we spend less time watching TV, we will find out, we can have time communicating with friend, enjoying the nature and using our minds to create new things for passing our lives.
Essay 95 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
Although at some level televisions may have given people some negative effect, it is so superficial to say that they have destroyed communication among friends and family. Television is an inescapable part of modern culture. We depend on TV for entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports-and even music, because of the advent of music videos. As Televisions have been more and more widely used, people have already made a lot of benefit.
With the recent explosion in satellite and digital specialty channels, we now have access to varieties of both good quality and inappropriate TV content. Things turn out to be that in this crowded television environment, we are able to pick out high quality TV programs, and whenever possible, enjoy them together as a family. Because of its ability to create powerful touchstones, TV enables people to share cultural experiences with others. What is more, shared viewing gives family members of all ages an opportunity to spend time together. Especially parents can use TV as a catalyst to get kids reading- following up on TV programs by getting books on the same subjects or reading authors whose work was adapted for the programs.
Furthermore, televisions are giving us an incredible amount of up- to-date knowledge and information, which makes it possible for us to be aware of potential dangers and even save ourselves. One great American mother saved her 2 years old little girl because she
usually watches Discovery Channel!——- She said that when she came into her baby’s
room at night the baby was sleeping very soundly. Suddenly a special insect appeared and seemed biting one of the baby’s arms. The mother took her baby to the hospital at once, for she realized that this was one of the very poison insects which she once learned from the Discovery Channel. Thanks for the mother’s knowledge and determination the baby survived and if it was 2 hours late there could be no hope left!
In conclusion, how much benefit we made from televisions is absolutely more than the harm they may bring. Televisions are merely among many other factors that affect communication, and are definitely not the main cause of degradation.
Essay 96 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
When asked about what has been brought by television, different people have different answers. There is some people who do not like TV saying that television has destroyed communications among friends and family. however other people take a negative attitude on this issue. In my opinion, I disagree with the above statement. The reasons are given below.
Television is only one instrument for people to relax. There is many ways of amusement for people to select after the working time nowadays. You can select to meet your friends, to accompany your parents or to take part in some sports activities. Watching TV
at home is simply one way to live. It is too narrowly to regard TV as one main reason to damage relationship among friends and family just because some people has spent a lot of time on it.
Another reason that I disagree with the above statement is that TV can provide some additional topics for communication among friends and family. Talking about the news, the soap drama or soccer game watching on the TV last night is also good communication ways to increase your affections with your friends and your family. Also sometimes, skipping one TV program could probably make you lose voices among your friends.
Last but not least, watching TV is one good medicine to cure the loneliness when your friends and parents cannot accompany with you. I would not forget the warm which was brought by TV when along outside the hometown.
I cannot deny that some people has ignored friends and family when they are addicted into watching TV. However, everything has it’s two sides. All the factors mentioned above determined me to draw the conclusion that it is not reasonable to say television has destroyed communications among friends and family.
Essay 97 Topic 8 Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?
I do strongly oppose the idea that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. This I support with the following reasons.
My first point is the fact that Television supplies topics of conversation. Let us take the example of “Big Brother”. Nearly everybody was affected of this TV Event. Media reported all the time and, in this connection more important, people talked incessant about it. Big Brother connected several people, even those who normally do not talk together, and communication was encouraged.
Further more it should considered important that people meet to watch Television.
Family or even friends plan time to watch Movies or Quiz Shows together. Afterwards they discuss the topics and communication takes place. Aside from the aspect that they probably also communicate while they are watching.
Talk shows are another Example that demonstrates that Television encourages communication. In Germany a variety of talk shows exist, where communication is held about different topics. These Shows offer the opportunity for everybody to take their own
view in public.
Last but not least I would like to grant one exception that should be named: People who generally tend to isolate themselves from other people, run the risk to increase their isolation. Especially continuous programs like daily soaps could be addictive. On the whole I am convinced that Television encourages communication.
Essay 98 Topic 9 Living in a small town vs. a big city
It has long been a controversy among people that living in a small town or in a big city is more preferable. While some people claim that living in such big cities as capital or any other great city can result in more comfortable, others feel that residence in the smaller town cannot merely give them peaceful lives but also make them healthier than people living in a big city. In my opinion, I have prejudice for residence in a small town due to some reasons.
Although town-dwellers can survive considerably more convenient than those who live in the country side having many facilities and amenities for them, they must confront with much pollution in their hometown. That tiny particles from big industries and toxic gases from million cars tend to increase more and more are used to characterize the town nowadays.
On the contrary, lacking in advance technologies makes rural life happy and peaceful. Rural-dweller can enjoy living in real nature. They can waste just a little time to go to work, unlike town-dwellers who have much trouble with traffic jam and also they can spend times they left during the day to do more enjoyable and funnier activities such as exercise, shopping or playing game with their children. Moreover, people who live in the country side are likely to have longer longevity and healthier than those who inhabit in the town. High technologies can harm and cause so serious health problems to the people who are denizen of the town.
In conclusion, I would rather live in the small country than in the big city. Even though, the comfort ability in the town appeals many people, I prefer to spend my life simply and happily.

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