Essay 241 Topic 32 Do you spend money as they come or save them?
Is it better to enjoy your money after you earn it or is it better to save your money for the future? Today the question is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate. When it is

placed in front of me, I found it is really difficult to make a choice. After pondering it from several aspects, I think it is better to save money.
The first reason for my propensity is that I can buy relatively expensive things that I need by saving money. Modern utilities are needed in modern time. A Mobile phone and a car are necessary for me. As a student, I cannot buy them immediately. But I can save my income monthly. Step by step, I will own enough money to get what I need.
Another reason why I prefer saving money is that I can save money for special use. Education is expensive. As an adult, I must depend on myself to afford the tuition. Sometimes I want to travel. As we know, the expenditure of travel is big. All of these must spend me a lot of money. Saving money is really a good resolution.
Finally, I must prepare money for emergency. Generally I have my plan to use money, but I really cannot predict what will happen. When a sudden illness catches me, I must cover the medical expenditure. If my friends ask me for help, I can even use the money I save to help others. “Save money for rainy days. ” It really tells the truth.
From all we have discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that it is better to save money.
Essay 242 Topic 32 Do you spend money as they come or save them?
To enjoy one’s money as soon as he or she earns it is not practical to me. Since one cannot foresee the future, a person should save some money for emergency, lifelong dreams, and the needy.
First of all, if one has savings, one will not need to worry about the future. From TV and newspapers, we learn that accidents happen everyday. How can we be certain that we will not encounter some misfortune like that? How do we know how much money we will need in order to survive or to solve the problems we are faced with? Money is definitely should be saved for one need it to handle the unpredictable situations.
Besides, if we save our money instead of spending it immediately, we can use it to pursue our lifetime dreams. Take me for example, I had a part-time job and have saved some money in order to achieve my goal–to go to the US for graduate studies. If I did not save the money, I probably will not have a chance to fulfill my ideal. My friend Kelly also has a dream that she wants to travel around the world. Think about it! How much will it cost? Too often, with little money saved, one’s personal goal or dream is hard to be accomplished.
Also, money can help a lot of people. Whenever I go the or phage, I always feel that I should work harder, saving more money to help those children. Buying something they need, I see glimmers of hope in their eyes. In this world, there are too many helpless people such as refugees, orphans, and the senior citizens that need our assistance. We can
never turn a blind eye to the situations of them. Therefore, I believe that donating money on these poor people is much more meaningful than spending money on things we do not necessarily need.
We can never know when we have to use a large amount of money. Therefore, the best way is to keep the money in our accounts for those possible incidents in the future. With enough savings, we will not be struck with panic when encounter accidents, we can make our dreams come true, and help those who need our assistance.
Essay 243 Topic 32 Do you spend money as they come or save them?
When faced with the decision of saving your money for some time in the future or enjoying your money when you earn it, quite a few would claim to enjoy their money, but others, in contrast, deem to save their money as the premier choice and that is also my point. This quite different view is based on the every possible reason.
Fore most reason for saving the money for future use is when you need a lot of money to deal with some emergent things that happen to you, you should not worry about the fund or lend some money everywhere at that time. For example, two years ago, I spend my summer holiday in a famous scenery pot, after a wonderful trip of the first day, I lost my wallet unconsciously, and then I took out some money in the bank to finish the trip. If you did not have some deposit, you can imagine how embarrassed you are.
Second, I have finished my college study, and I am going to go abroad to get a master degree to enhance the ability to face the challenge in the society. Plenty of money is very important to me, so I have to save all the money that I economized for future use.
Third, the economy condition of my family is not so good that I decide to earn enough money to buy a big house for my deeply loving parents.
This is arbitrary to judge saving money for future use according only to the excuse I mentioned in the above paragraph. But I do not deny that enjoying the life is also important to everyone because of brief life. That is to say, I will enjoy my money if I deposit enough.
Essay 244 Topic 32 Do you spend money as they come or save them?
Some people want to use their money for the enjoyment of present life. Others save money in order to prepare for their future. Although both of them use their money for their sake in the end, I would be on the side of saving money for the future. There are some reasons for it and, I would like to mention two reasons with examples.
Naturally, people who save money worry about their future than present life. Some may think of their future payment of house loan. Some other people may think of their retirement life but, all these people save their money for their future happiness. On the
contrary, people who use their money in their present life probably enjoy their life without expectation. From the perspective of my view, people who do not save their money are more optimistic about their future than people who save money. I think we should worry about our future life now. Because the recent trend of economic situation around the world is mildly declining. If we spent too much money recklessly, we will probably pay for it in the future.
Another reason for the people saving money is that they have more ambitious than non­saving people. The proverb goes this “The poor are always busy. ” However, in our society, people who earn much money do not spend much money in their present life. Because they always seek for their possibility to obtain another chance. Some people may save their money to enroll college for their carrier improvement. While they are aiming their future prospect, they are probably satisfied without using money. In a word, this is an ambition. Their future possibilities are derived from their present aspiration toward future. The bigger the expectation is, the more they can manage to save money.
These two main causes, worry and ambitious, are the reasons why I think people save money. For me, with these aspects, the expectation to my future is largely expanding. With these in mind, I strongly support people who save money.
Essay 245 Topic 32 Do you spend money as they come or save them?
Whether to save money to enjoy it will totally depend on what’s outside and personal condition. From my understanding and experience, using money properly is much more important than just saving it.
Firstly, money itself do not have very little value. The value of money presents when owner use it. If you use it to buy good food, it will benefit your health; if you use money to travel, you will increase your experience; if you buy gifts to your friends, you will get friendship; if you pay money to good school, you will gain knowledge. But if you just save it, it will not give you any real benefits. So, let us enjoy the value of what money can bring to you, instead of enjoying the increased number that saving can provide.
Secondly, in a mature society, various finance organization will help you handle most of the special difficult time. To make sure you can survive when you are sick or disabled or old, you should buy those insurance. To have big money to pay for elite school, you can apply for a education loan. You want house, no problem, mortgage company can help me, so many zero down payment, zero cost finance. When you lost job, you can get unemployment check for at least half year, maybe even longer. That’s also one of the reason that US person has very small amount of saving. After pay for those finance organization, the money come to your hand is what you should spend.
In the third place, no one knows tomorrow, too many saving actually take a lot of risk. Incident dying, inflation or country turning over all can get rid of your saving. I believe all the people who lived through 80s and 90s will remember how the inflation ate most of
your saving. So do not take too many risk, instead, let those finance organization to take.
More over, saving money is also not good for a nation’s economy. If everyone spend very small amount of money, then a lot of goods or service will have no customer, which will cause those company to cut cost, layoff workers, and cause less income for the residents in that country, which will cause everyone spend less. This is something like spiral deflation, and it is very dangerous for a economic entity. On the contrary, if everyone spends as much as they can, then more money will come to companies, which will hire more workers and raise the salary, and pour more money to the invidious in that country.
On the whole, save money is an inactive life style, it looks safe, but actually it may cause you lose what you are suppose to get. Instead, we should enjoy our fruit from your hard working, improve ourselves, and enjoy the beauty of the life. And spend properly will also help our society, and it will eventually help everyone.

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