Essay 232 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
When compared with spending one’s life in one place, in my point of view, moving a number of times throughout the life, looking for a better job, house, community or even climate is a better life style, at least for my generation.

Of course, staying in one place can make you feel easy and do not need to experience a process of making one place from strange to familiar. But, on the other hand, it will, at the same time, make you feel bored with facing the same place, the same streets and the same people some day. Further more it will easily lead you to a bad mood which definitely affects your work efficiency.
Comparatively, moving a number of times throughout the life has many advantages. The first, and the most important, is it can enable one to get acclimated a new place quickly and easily, which, for me, is deeply felt. I still remember my first time away from home when I went for education in university. It was completely a new place for me. But after my hard work or reading campus guides and asking other students I finally made my way to the places I want to go. And, from then on, when I went somewhere I never felt worry.
The second is it can make your more friends, which means, in one’s personality, it will make one experience more and know more about what others think, what should do and what should not, and so on.
Furthermore it will broaden one’s eyesight. When every time moving to a different place you will see different sceneries, from architecture to living style.
From all above, moving from place to place to find new way of working is obviously better than staying in one place throughout the life.
Essay 233 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
Which is the better way to experience my whole life, living the place where I born through my entire life, or moving several times to seek dream place I want to live? This put me in something of a dilemma situation. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. In my view, I would prefer to move to many places to spend my life because that enjoys several key advantages over only living in one place.
The most conspicuous reason why I make such choice is that I could contact with different people. With the globalization and the spread use of World Wide Web, people throughout the world communicate more frequently than ever before. I maybe work with various people from every corner of the world in the future. Through working in various towns, cities, even different countries, I could learn thoughts, customs, and values of from other groups, religions, or cultures. I would come to deeply understand them and cooperate well with different people.
Moreover, I can find better opportunity in my carrier if I do not only focus in one place. The quick shifting in the world make chances raise in many other parts of our country, even our planet. Maybe, I could find proper position in different places, giving me great progress in my life.
In addition, living in different places could let me fresh my ideas, throw out rigid motions, and create new methods to deal with problems I have faced.
Given the reason discussed above, which sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole and thus become more persuasive, we may safely reach the conclusion that living different areas in the world could learn from other cultures and civilizations, seek better chances and brush up people’s mind.
Essay 234 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
“Two drifters/ off to see the world/ there are such a lovely world/ to see. ” If you have heard the beautiful song of “Moon River”, you must be quite familiar with the lyrics. I find theses song words have strong spirit resonance in my heart, and I would like to spend my entire life to become such kind of drifter.
Staying at one place, comparatively, is more safe and stable, as we see. But once you are used to seeing the same people at the same place for a long time, everyday life may seem a little bit routine to yourself. And the life itself no longer become to me as long as I feel that I cannot find any excitement in it.
Contrarily, moving from places to places, off to see the world, as another way of living, has far more fun than staying one place. For example, on your way of traveling, you will never know what you are going to see and do tomorrow, something really interesting seem are always available at handy, Is not that kind of exciting? Moreover, there are plenty of new things that cannot be seen any other place in the world, you can take pictures of them, or keep them in your diary, when you grow old, all of these turn to be a very precious memory to yourself. Moreover, living in different places and communicating with different people have fascinating attraction to me. Learn several kinds of foreign languages, try various exotic foods, enjoy totally new life style, all of these has always be my dreams.
Furthermore, living place to place offer more challenges into your life, which in my point of view is a very cherished life experience. For instance, you can test your ability to fit yourself into a entirely new environment, to start from zero before you find what you have been doing become a boring and tiresome stuff to you. I am open to such challenges, thus the drifter’s life suit me quite well.
From what I have state above, you may get a clue about how wonderful a drifter’s life can be. I am looking forward making these true one day in my life. What about you? Do you want to try? Even once in a life time.
Essay 235 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
My parents spend their entire life in Xi’an city, and do not want move to any other places. Although it already takes me twenty-seven years being with them, I still prefer and willing to live different cities or town in my life.
People love to move several times during their lives for many kinds of reasons. To me, the most common reasons are to get better job, to enjoy mild climates, to meet different people.
With rapid development of economy and technology in China, more and more large international companies and business prefer to settle in some big cities. These businesses not only can need a large work-force, but also offer considerable salary to employee, and provide better job positions as well. For example, if I move to Beijing or Shanghai, good background of working in a famous company of Xi’an and talent will make me quickly find a position in a more famous multinational.
Have you ever thought of living a seaside town? I have thought of it many times. As we know, the quality of air and water has become worse and worse by lot of factories, automobiles, and chemic plants in city. Smog and pollution encircle us. You would breath very fresh air, hear sea wind around you, and freely swim in sea if you move to a littoral place. This is very agreeable thing, is not?
Of course, wherever I live, there are many people of different races, religions, abilities, and interests I will meet. The information that I learn from them can enlarge my sight, increase my knowledge. What’s more, by getting along with them, I learn how to deal with peer pressure, how to have self-respect.
All in all, based on above discussion, I prefer to move different places several times in my life. At the same time, I would recommend other people, especially young people not stay one place all the time. They should live in other places to know the world around them.
Essay 236 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
Some people hold the opinion that living in one place is superior to moving in search another place. Others, however, contradict it. Personally, I would like to vote for moving to another place. There are no less than three advantages in it as rendered below:
First and foremost, moving to another place may contribute to one’s development. People always choose a better place than their present ones to be their destination. That way, they can learn some new knowledge, communicate with new friends and find some more chances. Those who change their majors may learn even more. There will be a new world open to them. So, moving to another place is really good for us.
There is another factor that deserves some words here. Changing their characters or habits may be one of lots of reasons for some people’s moving. For instance, if you do not like your present statue, you should try to move to a new place which you have not been to. Certainly, your mood and attitude will change with the new circumstance.
In addition, if you like to make friends, moving to a new place will be fit for you. When you come to a new place, you will communicate with some new friends, and you can help each other. So, changing a place will make you more sociable.
It is undeniable that staying in one place has its own merits. You can do your work step by step. You will spend lots of time with your ole friends, and you can feel comfortable in the place with which you are very familiar.
Nonetheless, I still prefer moving to another place constantly. Because I can make new friends, look for some chances and become more experienced. I love changes.
Essay 237 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
I prefer moving in search of another place. Certainly, Staying in one place can have firmer life, because most of the events are in the control, and people can spend more time to resolve other accidents in the life. Although it is fairly persuasion, I still prefer moving in search of another place, as I like to face more different challenges, increase varied experiences and extend my view in my limited life by moving in search of another place.
I must face all of the challenges when I move to another place, and I can increase my experiences by the challenges. There is no tract for me to following, because every thing is unknown. When I resolved a new problem, it means that I get a new experience. Those challenges can keep me improvement.
I can extend my view by moving, because of new job, new neighbors or new friends. Different people have different backgrounds, and varied companies also have varied traditions. For example, some of the companies think that an employee should work overtime to show his honesty, but others consider that the employee must work hard enough, so he always work overtime. I can share their conceptions when I contact new one.
Because of facing challenges, increasing varied experiences and extended view can fill of my life substance, so I prefer moving in search of another place.
Essay 238 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
Moving a number of times throughout their lives, looking for a better job, house, community, or even climate, are the right attitude to the life. I prefer this opinion.
For somebody who spends their entire lives in one place, they can only know the outside of hometown by television, newspaper and books. They may live with unhappy environments such as cold, sand storm and pollution. Only know somebody who is old classmate and have a few people can talk with. So, their knowledge is less than some body who like to move.
If you would like to move from one place to another you can find one that is your choice. you will happy with the climate and enjoy the fresh air and sun shine. It is easy to keep your body healthy. you will be feeling fresh and getting new friend with. you will get different new idea about the life. The new culture will give you more knowledge, more interesting. Furthermore, you can make more new friendship to help each other.
So I prefer to move and search another place rather than spend my entire lives in one place. One of the famous man said: the tree will be died after moved, but man alive.
Essay 239 Topic 31 Do you prefer to stay in one place or move around?
Some people spend their entire lives in one place. Others move a number of times throughout their lives, looking for a better job, house, community, or even climate. I prefer to move in search of the most places for my life rather than stay one place.
First, I like to find a better job in my life. People cannot find a perfect job in one place. We need to move several places for finding a better job. People like to say if they find perfect jobs for themselves; they succeed most of their lives.
Secondly, people need their perfect lovers. I always believe if I find my husband, I need to go another place to find him. Because in biology people are married in the same place, their offspring are not so smart as couples who are from different places. People from different places have more issues to talk. Maybe sometimes they love their lovers having differences.
Finally, people like to find a perfect climate for their health. In my childhood I always coughed in winter because I lived in a cold place. When I moved to a warmer place, I did not cough again. Some people like warm places, others like cold places because they like to see snow and to skate on the ice. I prefer living in a place, which have four seasons.
On the other hand, people living one place in their whole lives can save money. They do not need to spend much money on traveling to find a better place. Maybe some people cannot find a better place to live when they use their whole lives to find it, but I think they have a lot of experiments to tell their offspring. If we do not move from a place to another place, we will not know which place we can have a happiest life. I prefer to move for finding the best place where I can live most happily.
Essay 240 Topic 31 Benefits of Moving
Along with the rapid development of modern society, there is a growing tendency that people are concerned about what a better living style is? staying in a place for entire lifetime or moving to other places for opportunities and challenges? Personally, I support the latter pattern of life and the reasons will be followed. My first reason is that moving to a new place is always a challenging and exciting matter. You learn many knowledge and skills from adapting to the locality, for example, making new friends or looking for another job at a place no one is familiar with you. That could be frustrated or painful at the very beginning. However, after all, you will find you can always survive from it and all the new things around you seem so fresh and different. My second reason is that moving across the country or even around the world is a demand of modern life. Students go abroad for further study and academic research. Businessmen travel here and there to expand their business or searching for new markets. Skilled workers choose to immigrant to foreign countries to seek for new professional opportunities and higher living standards. People will lose their chances of self-development if they solely stay in one single place. My third reason is that people tend to be more conservative and narrow­minded if they are lacking of experiences on exploring new environment of living. The more they are afraid of changes, the more they refuse to try new things. All in all, I strongly suggest people to move from their original places to travel to different places, to experience new and amazing things, especially when they are young. You may never regret for leaving your hometown since you have gained so much from it.

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