Essay 147 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
I understand that their is no one best way to learn, however, I believe that learning is more effective and efficient when a teacher is present.

One of my past professors always said that “you simply cannot learn if you do not ask questions. ” I agree with my professor completely. No matter what you’re trying to learn, it always helps to have an expert on hand to answer questions when you get to a confusing aspect. There is nothing more frustrating than studying for hour upon hour only to become stumped. Having a teacher present can alleviate this shortfall and make studying more efficient and effective.
A teacher’s assistance in learning material can also attribute to retaining learned material. I have noticed on numerous occasions that I am able to recall information much easier if it was obtained through my auditory sense. I can remember several test-taking situations where I have been able to recall a professor’s lecture, as if he/she were instructing me on how to complete the test.
In the end, I understand that there is no one best way to learn. Personally, however, I believe that learning is more effective and efficient in the presence of a teacher. Having a teacher present will avoid the frustration caused by “sticking points” and will allow for easier recollection of concepts learned.
Essay 148 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
Today, in our world, there are many ways of learning. But all these ways can be generally grouped into two — learning by oneself and being taught by a teacher. The former could be further classified into diverse ways of learning which are specific. Reading books, making experiments and making researches can be cited as examples. This kind of learning would be what I prefer if I were to choose.
If a teacher was to teach me, he would most likely make my knowledge confined to what he knows. This means that I will be fully dependent on his knowledge. But if I learn by myself, I would make my own efforts to gain knowledge. Through this, I could broaden my knowledge since there is no limit to knowledge gained through practice (effort). For example in mathematics, if a teacher would show me a method of calculating a problem and that will become the only method I know to solve that specific problem. But if I solve the problem myself by the knowledge I gained from other sources, I would be compelled to search for other easier methods. This may also be connected with memory; you never forget something you learn through the hard way.
The other reason for my preference is that, if by any chance you come to hate (dislike)
your teacher you will without doubt start hating what you’re learning as a result you will deprive yourself of what you want to know. You may dislike your teacher because of the way he teaches or because of his behavior or something else, but for whatever reason you hate your teacher, you will obviously lose your enthusiasm for that specific subject matter he is teaching you.
Essay 149 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
Some people think that it is always better to have a teacher while others believe that they can learn better by themselves. In my opinion, the best way of learning is always with a teacher. There are lots of reasons for that but I would like to focus on three of them which I consider most important.
First of all, teachers can give me reasonable explanations when I do not understand subject matters. It is always better to have a teacher, whom I can depend on, to solve the problem or to dispel my confusion. Otherwise, I would learn the subject by heart without comprehending its real meaning.
Second, since an educational process is difficult people often make mistakes while exercising or learning. That is way, it is always better to learn with a teacher who will correct my mistakes and focus my attention on the reasons why I make such.
In addition, dealing with students and assisting them gain higher levels of knowledge make teachers into people with a great deal of experience and erudition. I think that they can help me not only manage with difficulties but they can also pass on me a bit of their wisdom and knowledge.
On the contrary there are those who think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. The reasons might be that they feel sufficient self-confidence or they do not need any outer help while learning and exercising.
Besides correcting mistakes and giving different explanations, teachers are valuable sources of advice and help. That is why, I truly believe that it is always better to have a teacher when I climb the ladder of success.
Essay 150 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
Teachers are engineers of human souls. A Teacher is a person who spreads knowledge out among people. Some people claim that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher but I do believe that it is always better to have a teacher for people. Among countless factors to indicate that people can learn better with a teacher, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows.
In first place, Teachers are professionals who have experienced special academic training for teaching. They not only know the subject knowledge but also be aware of the special characteristics of learners. We all know that teacher is imperative for younger learners because children are used to being told what to do. They still do not have ability to study by themselves. They can learn more and better by direct way of teaching. This is why all parents want to send their children to good school to receive education because there are many competent teachers there. In the university, Students also like to learn with teachers because besides teaching the subject knowledge to students, teacher also can help students become problem solvers through questioning in classroom.
Another evidence is that adults like to learn with teacher. In modern society, scientific technology changes with every passing day which needs people keep learning. Otherwise they will be left behind. Though adults have more freedom in making decision many of them think that learn with teacher is the efficient way to get knowledge. That is why there are a variety of adult training classes or programs nowadays. In addition to teach knowledge teacher also can let the adult student feel more confidence and stick with the study.
Furthermore even for the older people, they like to learn with a teacher. A saying goes never to old to learn. For instance, there are two universities just for old people in my home city in China. My aunt takes a cooking class and a Tai-Chi ( a kind of Chinese exercise) class after retired. . She always says she cannot make it without teacher.
Indeed, learning by yourself can make it in your own schedule and you do not need to yield to something you do not like, but the advantages of learning with teacher overweigh its disadvantages because teacher are trying to get the best they can get and they want us to be best we can be. It is always better to have a teacher
Essay 151 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
When it comes to the methods of learning, different people hold different ideas. Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. While others believe that it is always better to have a teacher. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter. There are numerous reasons for my points and I would explore a few of them here.
In the first place, teachers become teachers because they learn something earlier than we do. So, they have deeper understanding of those things. And this is good for us who have no ideas about that. Take the electronic-magnetic field theory for example. This is difficult for most students to learn. If there is a teacher who tells you what it is like and how it works, more students will grasp the theory faster than those who have not a teacher.
In the second place, teachers have their own opinion about a problem. So, if we want to know a thing clearly, we should better find out what others’ ideas are, whether they are right or fault. Also, we can discuss them to get better known about the problems. Thus, we could build up our knowledge more firmly.
Furthermore, having a teacher means to have one to consult with. Everyone would meet difficulties when learning something. To consult a teacher is a better way out. Of course, you can go to library to consult the books, but only teachers could discuss with you and help you find the key.
Taking into account of all factors above, I have no choice but to agree that it is always better to have a teacher around you when you study.
Essay 152 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
There are various methods for people to study. Some people would like to study with their teachers, but others believe that it will be better to study alone. Actually, both means have comparable advantages. Personally, however, I am confident that studying with teachers is the best way to learn for many reasons.
First of all, teachers can give students their experiences that do not exist in any text book. Other than academic practice, teachers will teach their students how to work in teams, how to live with other people in societies, how to handle with stress, etc. These experiences are sometimes as important as academic knowledge, but students will never perceive them if they study alone.
Next, teachers can be the consultants for their students. When people study math, for instance, they will face sooner or later some clues that they cannot find solutions. Teachers then can play the vital role to help their students get through it thoroughly. If students study without teachers, can you imagine how much time will be spent on those problems?
Lastly, teachers can help shape their students’ future careers. Teachers will perhaps be the ones who know their students’ academic ability the best. Therefore, they can guide students to choose careers that exactly fit their ability. For examples, teachers will encourage students who are good at sciences to be doctors, or who are excellent in math to be businessmen.
All in all, I strongly believe that advantages of studying with teachers totally supercede studying alone; teachers will give their experiences, teachers can be good consults, and teachers can help match their students abilities to careers.
Essay 153 Topic 17 Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?
Some people claim that they can learn better by themselves with the help of books and Internet which has many study materials, whereas having a teacher makes them more rely on his/her help. However, those who think this way do not realize several beneficial advantages of having a teacher. Here are a few reasons why I prefer the help of teachers.
First, whenever we study and read the new topics or subjects, questions regarding those matters start to appear. At that moment, we need someone to answer those questions and tell us more details about them. From my own experience, when I was a high school student, I had a hard time understanding integral calculus. Although I spent a lot of time studying that particular subject, I couldn’t not only catch up with the required assignment but figure out how to solve the problems by myself. My math teacher pointed out my mistakes and suggested a systematic and better way to approach this subject. I finally got a better and deeper understanding of it. Without that help, this would either have taken too much time or never solved at all.
Another reason why teachers are needed is because they not only convey knowledge to students but also give them a right direction. For example, most the students who have just entered into college tend to misuse their freedom e. g. parties, alcoholic drink, and gambling which may ultimately bring about the failure of their studies and lives. Moreover, they have a hard time choosing which major fits them and finding whether they have a natural aptitude for the major or not. A teacher can sometimes contribute such problems. The teachers could help students budget their time more wisely and also could counsel their private problems using their own experience including the major choice and their school record and so on. Even though it ultimately depends on individuals to choose their own way, taking a teacher’s advice would make their decisions more accurate and right one.
In conclusion, it really relies on students themselves to finally master a certain subject and make their own way. However, the learning process could be easier and interesting if there is a proper and continuous feedback from teachers. In addition, by getting advice from teachers, students might solve their own private problems sensibly such as their choices of major or GPA strategy. Hence, it is better for students to learn with the help of the teacher.

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